Star Wars Battlefront 2: A new video about the canon story of the game

Techno 19 July, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront 2 shows a new video showing the Empire’s point of view between episode IV and VII.

At the D23 of Disney this weekend, we had the opportunity to discover a new trailer of Kingdom Hearts III … But that’s not all, Star Wars Battlefront II which showed well during the ‘E3 2017 will arrive in beta on 4 October. But to make us wait a while, DICE and Lucasfilm bring us backstage in the history of Battlefront 2, which, as a reminder, takes place from the point of view point of view of the Empire between episode IV and VII and so after The destruction of the second Star of Death.

It will incarnate the young Iden, raised in the ranks of the Empire which wants to rise in the hierarchy of this one through its combats in the squad Inferno. While one of the biggest blackheads raised by the players in Battlefront 1 was his lack of campaigning, it can be said that EA and DICE understood the lesson and here offers a story that fits into the canon universe Star Wars, and that seems to be of quality.