Start building your house, not “stepping on a rake”

Techno 10 December, 2017

2017-12-10 12:23

Start building your house, not “stepping on a rake”
When choosing a site, planning it will need a geodetic support of construction we did not go all topsy-turvy.

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Folk wisdom confronts man in the life of three known tasks, reports Rus.Media. One of them is to build a house. Many take it, get invaluable experience and are ready to share hundreds of tips and warnings — from site selection to final touch in the interior. The main thing — correctly to begin construction.

When choosing a site, planning it will need a geodetic support of construction we did not go all topsy-turvy. But keep in mind, and experienced advice, learn from their mistakes. Those who survived the construction, it is advised to approach the selection of a site:

• Let it be a smaller plot, but closer to the city. If further 50 km more problems. Matter and the road to it — if they are accessible to construction equipment.

• If the station will be the slope design of the Foundation will be costly. • At differences and slopes will be other significant costs, for example, to build retaining walls.

• Choose a site, not when it’s covered in snow, hiding all the irregularities.

• Find out in advance about the level of groundwater. And also how deep-seated water. If it is to drill a hundred meters — will cost a pretty penny.

• Please note the availability of communications. Not plot in the field, better in the cottage, where to route the electricity and gas will be much cheaper.

• Do not choose a place in a slum — to enjoy from your future home will be good.

• If the area is an old house, a hundred times consider whether to reconstruct it maybe cheaper and easier to build a new one.

• The same applies to the unfinished Foundation. Processing and strengthening may not be cheap and there will be a limited choice of layouts.

• Before buying land for building a house — get to know your neighbors. It is strongly recommend that those who are not lucky.

A lot of useful tips on the organization of the order on the site during construction. So that when the device pitch is not to pick out the years of debris — take the place for it. The same applies to the preparation of the concrete, otherwise you’ll have to remove the concrete “fillings” in many places. Do not allow burning of construction debris on the site, because the earth will become impregnated with molten materials will have to change the soil.

The main tip is to plan every stage of construction. But don’t torture yourself with regrets when the house was built, rejoice that it happened.