Such a detailed horoscope is nowhere! Planet stamp of success for each sign of the zodiac in 2018

Techno 9 December, 2017

2017-12-09 14:11

Such a detailed horoscope is nowhere! Planet stamp of success for each sign of the zodiac in 2018
For the first time in the history of the site, we share with our favorite readers useful and accurate horoscope for the year 2018.

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So everyone can prepare for future UPS and downs, reports Rus.Media.

Recommendations professional astrologer covering the major aspects of each sign of the zodiac, allowing to judge about their options in the coming year.

Detailed horoscope for the year 2018


Just before the new year planet Saturn entered the 10th house of career all the sheep. Many representatives of this sign will rapidly move up the career ladder or start their own business. In any case, the Rams will face a serious responsibility, whether it’s work or guardianship of relatives.

Also stars promise this zodiac sign love meeting with a partner who you can trust. See even more accurate predictions for Aries in this video.


Jupiter — planet of luck, happiness and good luck, she is in the 7th house of Taurus until 9 November. Every 12 years there is a coincidence of the planets!

Taurus it promises a speedy acquaintance with his other half. Jupiter literally puts these words signature and seal! Those who married the fifth planet will give good relationship with a loved one.


This year Saturn will teach the Twins to rely only on themselves. In material terms sign of the zodiac should be extremely careful. All that applies to payments, loans and various monetary relations, will demand from Twins special care and thoroughness.

In a love relationship, most likely, the Twins will remain faithful to one partner or some time alone.


Before the new year, Saturn enters the 7th house in Cancer. This suggests that the sixth planet is to restore order in a love relationship zodiac sign: bad connection will collapse, and the strong will become even stronger. Single girls and guys Cancers this year the stars promise a happy marriage.


Stars promise the Lions are the addition to the family: it can be the birth of a child or marriage. Also 2018 is very good for change of residence.

Jupiter will enter the 5th house — the house of mirth and pleasures, so that almost all year the Lions will bring a sea of positive emotions. It is important to note that a private case of this zodiac sign it is best to open by early autumn.


Saturn entered the 5th house in Virgo and in the year 2018. This is the home of love and responsibility for their own business. The stars promise that mark the beginning of a serious love relationship that will certainly end in marriage. Also don’t be surprised if in this period, your hobby will become a start for a serious business.


After may 16, the instability of the planet Uranus is leaving your custody of Weights. Instead of short, frivolous this zodiac sign will find in 2018 a stable partner who will remain in my life for a long time.

The stars also promise Weights of increasing responsibility: you might have to pay more attention to their parents or to help them financially.


Jupiter — the planet of wealth, prosperity, luck, good fortune and marriage. It will be in Scorpio until November 9. Is to seize this moment, because this phenomenon happens only once in 12 years!

Jupiter can positively affect any area of life Scorpio: marriage, birth of children, career growth, the desired change of domicile. Also this mark in 2018 will be to learn new things.


Saturn entered in the 2nd house in Sagittarius, and it promises to air sign new job that will bring good profit. Also the sixth planet will help get rid of extra pounds, those archers who wanted to lose weight. 2018 is the best period to have her figure.


Saturn in 2018 will help Capricorn to lay the Foundation for reliable business or relationship that will be stronger than cement. Also the sixth planet promises this zodiac sign vital changes: relocation to another city or raise the career ladder. If earlier Coservice not been able to find himself, in 2018, Saturn will help you focus on the business of life.


2018 for Aquarius — a year of great change. In this period many representatives of the air element have to get rid of all unnecessary and burdensome: the old work, annoying relations, all is not fun.


Planet will help the Fish this year. Will be no more interference, and a watermark will be able to do what you love. The circle of acquaintances of the Fish will include people who share their common interests. Should not be shy to ask true friends for help in the work.