Surprisingly, women are more attracted to men who are already in relationships

Techno 2 February, 2018

2018-02-02 17:47

Surprisingly, women are more attracted to men who are already in relationships
Scientists have discovered why you really need to get married.

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Usually, when a society begins unobtrusive (and soon to be Intrusive) to offer us men, to tie the knot at the nearest registry office, it operates in the following points: marriage is needed to continue the race; marriage need not to give up my bowl of soup; a marriage is needed because we all have marriage and you don’t — are you the smartest? But, it seems, scientists have found a significant reason to do with a woman. And this opportunity came from not waiting.

In the 8th issue of the publication “Scientific reports” (Scientific Reports) published the results of joint research of scientists from four universities: St. Andrews University, Durham University, the University of Arizona, Exeter University. A study with such a broad scientific basis concerned one of the most important phenomena in the Universe — male attractiveness. It turned out amazing.

We used to think that attractiveness is composed of antique specimens of beauty and universal standards of appearance. Turns out there’s one factor that can play a fatal role in women’s perception of men.

Researchers over several weeks showed women pictures of men. All men have different looks, the clothes, took pictures on different backgrounds, and sometimes none, but in the company of other people.

So, during the whole time of the study, the subjects showed a stable result. The most attractive, they named the beefy men and not those who were photographed leaning on a Ferrari, no. The most attractive they recognized those men, next to which a photo was another woman!

That is, the presence near the man’s partner made it more attractive prey in the eyes of other women. Scientists explained this phenomenon by the fact that women want to enter into a relationship with the most powerful male, and if he has already chosen another woman, so it’s worth it.

So try more often to go out with his wife in the light. Even if no one will meet will probably read admiration in the eyes of women.