Suspect “extremely dangerous” wanted for assault on an autistic

News 24 March, 2018
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    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 09:03

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    MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – A man was arrested Friday for beating violently a man autistic of 29 years, in Mississauga, near Toronto.

    The assault occurred on the 13th of march last, in a bus terminal, according to a press release issued by the Peel regional Police.

    In a video released by the police, a man sitting on the steps of a staircase to the terminus is beat her kicks and punches by three individuals, who take flight after a few seconds.

    According to CityNews, the victim had sustained a broken nose and had facial cuts because of the aggression.

    One of the three suspects, Parmvir Parm Singh Chahil, 21 years old, was arrested and was to appear Friday on charges of aggravated assault. His two accomplices, of which only one has been formally identified, have not yet been arrested.

    A canada-wide warrant has been launched against Ronjot Singh Dhami, a 25-year-old, regarded as “extremely dangerous” by the police of Peel. It would also be known to police officers in British Columbia last place of residence, according to CityNews.

    Two other individuals were also arrested for their complicity. They will be appearing on may 2, next.