Swedish programmers are developing technology to “communicate” with the dead

Techno 22 February, 2018

2018-02-22 22:27

Swedish programmers are developing technology to “communicate” with the dead
Swedish technology have invented a device to communicate with the dead.

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The copy will be able to maintain household conversations, but will not be able to talk about something new, as the program is set up on one topic and will not be updated, reports Rus.Media.

Computer technology will allow the relatives and friends of the victims to see again a loved one and communicate with him on simple themes. On this technology at the moment working professionals from Sweden.

Previously, such technology could be seen in the famous television series “Black mirror”. Its essence lies in the fact that artificial intelligence plays the mind of any person and enables to communicate with her via the so-called ” digital “copy” of a person. Now the funeral home along with programmers looking for ten volunteers, whose voices digitized so that their relatives could hear them after death. A copy of the identity can support any domestic conversation, but will not be able to respond, for example, the release of new songs of some artist, as the program will not be able to update the data.

Swedish programmers went further and was not limited to only one person’s voice. At the moment they have plans to develop a robot that can visually copy a person and will be reproduced as a hologram.