Systemic racism: not of wide public consultation, swear Mélanie Joly

News 21 March, 2018
    Mélanie Joly

    Maxime Huard

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 17:43

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 17:43

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    OTTAWA – The federal minister of Heritage, swears that she will not offer to Canadians a commission on systemic racism such as the one on which the government of Quebec had broken teeth in the last year.

    “There will be no large public consultation on racism. It will not be the approach of our government”, has hammered Mélanie Joly before entering the Commons on Wednesday.

    The last federal budget provided for a budget of $ 23 million over two years, which “would be used to support consultations across the country on a new national approach against racism.”

    The minister Joly said in a press briefing that she wanted to hear from stakeholders from across the company in order to see how the measures of federal employment or access to justice, for example, can be upgraded to counter racism.

    The new was immediately reminded of the kerfuffle of last fall in Quebec, while the liberals of Philippe Couillard had had to abandon their project of organizing a commission on systemic discrimination and racism.

    The idea had aroused such an outcry that the government was slouched on the organization of a “Forum on appreciation of diversity and the fight against discrimination”.

    “It must be recognized that there are always people who face discrimination in our society and we should always seek to improve our ways of doing things,” said the prime minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday.

    However, in the ranks of the opposition, many elected officials had warned him not to follow in the footsteps of the government Couillard.

    “It suggests that the population is racist. We played in this film in Quebec, and we have seen what it has given”, has launched the québec lieutenant of the conservative Party, Alain Rayes.

    Same sound of bell on the side of the parliamentary Group of quebecers, according to which there is no systemic racism in Quebec and Canada. “The government of Quebec has declined over last fall. Ms. Joly should sit down and talk with Mr. Couillard and be inspired,” said the member Rhéal Fortin.

    For the New democratic Party, the systemic racism in Canada is a well-known problem and the time of consultations is completed. “We already know the problems, it is necessary to act,” ruled the chief Jagmeet Singh.

    The bloquiste Mario Beaulieu, has qualified the subject of the Trudeau government of “frivolous” and “winning votes”, as it considered that concrete measures would be more useful than consultations.