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News 31 March, 2018
  • The Journal de Québec
    Alco Prevention Canada has presented this week with the BROADD the tablet and the program to the Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas. The user simply has to blow into a straw connected to a tablet to see if it is in a state to drive.

    Sophie Side

    Saturday, 31 march 2018, 00:00

    Saturday, 31 march 2018, 00:00

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    Blowing free in a tablet to get her blood-alcohol level at the end of a party in a resto-bar could soon be a solution proposed in Quebec to counter drinking and driving.

    At least that is the wish of Alco Prevention Canada, a laval company that has been working for 28 years in the sale of instruments, which aspire to match in our program successfully tested in twenty different bars in the United States by the body BROADD (Bar and Restaurants Owners Against Drunk Driving).

    “This is really not complicated,” explains the director general of the quebec-based company, Stéphane Maurais, who developed the ALCOLAB Testpoint, an alcohol in the form of a tablet-like an iPad.

    Fast and efficient

    “In the United States, the server asks the people if they want to get tested for free before you get behind the wheel. It brings the tablet to the table, takes a straw, you blow, and we have the result that appears in approximately 7 seconds, ” explains he.

    According to Mr. Maurais, the impact has been very positive for our neighbours to the South. “There has been a decrease of 44 % of arrests in a state of intoxication in a 5-km radius of the bars that participated,” says the business man.

    The alcohol costs about $ 2000, but the application will allow sponsors to advertise on the tablet in question.

    In the United States, for instance, Lyft, a competitor to Uber, and Budweiser is associated with it.

    “To the bar, in the end, it comes down to about $ 50 per month “, said Mr. Maurais, who wishes that the american arrived in Quebec. “It is really the restaurants lounge, as at Quebec, the Cosmos, the Houston or The Workshop,” he says.

    “Packed “

    The concept has “packed” the Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec, who estimated that the program could see the day in Quebec in the coming months if the sponsors are waiting for you.

    “It is the flavour of the day, compared to the old boxes [instruments] on the walls. It is more interactive, said Renaud Poulin, director general of the Corporation, stating that the programme will soon be presented to its members. There are already owners of bars who have seen it and want to have the product “, he advised.