Telegraph: In the United States to develop a plan to strike at the DPRK

News 21 December, 2017

Known the daily Telegraph disclosed that currently in the United States of America developed a plan for the destruction of the launch pad used during a test missile of the DPRK.


According to the publication, in the American government seriously consider military solutions to the nuclear threat emanating from Pyongyang, due to the fact that the diplomatic steps do not yield the expected result. The White house considered the possibility of destruction of the launch pad in Pyongyang, which also includes warehouses with missiles to North Korea. One of the experts noticed that in the White house discussed the options for action that did not cause huge damages to the DPRK, however, would show U.S. resolve in dealing with this nuclear crisis.

It should be noted that the recent missile test “And 15” not a little puzzled by global experts, showing that North Korea has made significant progress in the development of missile armament.