Tell you what zodiac signs are the most greedy, and which waste money. Now you know who the godfathers to take!

Techno 23 January, 2018

2017-10-25 15:51

Tell you what zodiac signs are the most greedy, and which waste money. Now you know who the godfathers to take!
Attitude to money in our lives is very important.

This is because through these valuable papers man possessed almost all the necessary benefits , reports Rus.Media. Someone squanders money right and left, being in perpetual debt, and someone all life saving, denying themselves all over. Between greed and wastefulness very fine line. But astrologers know exactly how various zodiac signs deal with money.

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12th place — Archer

Greed and Sagittarius are incompatible. They don’t just waste money, and get enormous pleasure. Near them is always a lot of riders, because they never mind the money to pay the Banquet. Their pointless to try to reason with after part with money they smile, and rainy day absolutely do not believe. But the strange thing is that the money come to them as easily as going.

11th place — Aquarius

Accounting Aquarians are not, so they don’t even always know how much money is in their wallet. To please the other person ? one of the greatest pleasures for Aquarius, he loves to give gifts and see the happy faces of loved ones. In addition, the gift he chooses is not a cheap. The representative of this sign will be a great guest at the wedding or the godfather, because the empty envelope he just will not do.

10th place- Leo

Lion — lovers of good things, luxury hotels and in General a wealthy lifestyle. So spend the money for it is not folly, but a necessity. A male lion will never lead any woman to cheap cafes (at least on the first date), a female Leo would never wear cheap jewelry. The desire to impress and dazzle in Lviv in the blood, for them this is not a pity any money.

9th place- Aries

Aries and not wasteful, but not greedy. This is a very smart analysts who always know how to properly dispose of financial resources. It may seem that the Rams spend too much, but in fact they do it with the expectation to increase the amount invested. They are not investing in business projects, and people, then to have a reliable connection. And really rarely make mistakes in their calculations, as a good judge of character.

8th place — Libra

Libra, as always, is harmony in everything. They have a certain feature: the money they are saving, but donated or borrowed to spend under zero. Libra can spend free money on friends, co-workers and even strangers. But the money they rarely occupy or invest in.

7th place- Scorpio

Cunning and clever Scorpions always use a purse for personal purposes. They can spend huge sum if it will help them get in front of others in the most favorable light. They are often more important to appear secure than actually be that way. Therefore, they will easily pay for the trappings of wealth, but are secretly saving for something that is hidden from prying eyes. These are the bouncers.

6th place — Gemini

The twins are very cunning. For example, if you ask to borrow money in the eyes of outsiders, they will give even more than requested. But privately generosity do not wait. It is important that nobody thought bad things about them and did not recognize meanie. Public opinion for the Twins is extremely important. The admiration of their generosity for them definitely worth it to spend. But in fact, the Twins every penny counts.

5th place-Fish

Fish in terms of money is unstable. They can be very wasteful, very greedy. They are always torn between to pull a tidy sum wasted, and in order to keep the money on more important needs. Therefore, we can say that it is the people sentiments: that their greed and avarice lay, generosity. But they never fail in direct and clear requests.

4th place — Taurus

Taurus in the money behave is very interesting. They love to spend other people’s money, so very often some of them are kept and Gigolos. For them it is absolutely normal to spend money partner satisfying their vital queries. But in the case of truly dire financial situation, the Bulls will definitely curb your appetite and will help you try to get out of debt. And then again take up the old.

3rd place- Crawfish

As you know, Cancers — all in the family and in the family. Home is the perfect place in which to invest, the representatives of this sign. So, for comfort, warmth and comfort, and the health of loved ones they did not mind. So only do Crayfish, saving on the rest. Although when you decide to pamper yourself, choose only the best, like Lions. Don’t expect Crawfish cool gifts and luxurious feasts, but if you’re their guest, very pleasantly surprised.

2nd place — Virgo

Careerists in the face of the Virgins always know exactly why and why they work. They had every penny counts, and reckless spending is taboo. So, from time to time I indulge myself Virgo, I have to buy nice things spend a lot of time to think. They will brag to friends buying it, perhaps even exaggerating the cost, but in my heart they will gnaw themselves a waste.

1st place — Capricorn

Capricorn — a real Scrooge McDuck. These people work, earn, but rarely. They are absolute leaders in stinginess among the other zodiac signs. They are even on your personal needs hard to allocate the money, instead save up for a rainy day, the grandchildren and it is unclear what. It is precisely those people who hide under the mattress a million, but dress up on the market and eat accou with cheap sausages. It is important to know that the money they have in the form of banknotes, not as a material and spiritual benefits.