Terribly fascinating. 45 rare historical photos, which for some reason is not in the history books

Techno 2 February, 2018

2018-02-02 08:50

Terribly fascinating. 45 rare historical photos, which for some reason is not in the history books
Some shots can even be reflected important historical moments.

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Historical images are of great value to us, because the only way we can know or even understand how life looked once, reports Rus.Media. And some shots can even be reflected important historical moments.

We often collect for you a selection of the most interesting and sunnatallah photos and now it’s time for another. The study of history becomes much more exciting when you met with the illustrations than reading.

Meeting with cosmonauts in the Kremlin in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the USSR, Moscow, 1972

Audrey Hepburn with a dog in the filming of the Unforgiven, Durango, Mexico, 1959

Emperor Nicholas II with the Suite during the parade on the Champ de Mars, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1904

Parking near the beach in California, USA, 1952

Nizhny Novgorod, 1880

The completion of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow, 1856

The return of Maxim Gorky’s home, 1928

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate moss and Liv Tyler at a Beck concert in new York city, 1998

Men’s suit for a walk on the moon, design by Republic Aviation Corporation, 1960s

Wedding actress Catherine Deneuve and photographer David Bailey 1962

Audrey Hepburn on your velocipede at the Studio ” paramount, 1957

Audrey Hepburn and grace Kelly backstage during the award ceremony Oscar, 1956

Street East Berlin, 1985

Night harvest, Soviet Union, 1930s

View of Pittsburgh from mount Washington, 1905

Special vehicle for cleaning streets, Vienna, 1896

Slaves in coffee farm, Vale do Paraiba, são Paulo, Brazil, 1882

A geography lesson in a school for boys, Ramenskoye, 1912

Yuri Gagarin rides around London in a rolls-Royce, 1961

Sweeper horse-drawn new York, 1912

Panorama of Moscow with tower Suharevo, 1914

The construction of the Siberian railway.d. between Achinskom and Irkutsk, 1908

The construction of the sports complex “Olympic”, Moscow, 1979

Paris, the Seine view from the square of the Ver-Galan, 1856

View of the pyramids of Giza, Egypt, 1884

The mission control center spacecraft “Apollo-7”, 1968

Samurai and tourists on the bridge, Japan, 1882

Strongwomen Joan Rhodes while cleaning the house, London, 1958

Start of spacecraft “Apollo-8”.,

Jean Shrimpton, called the first super-model, 1965

Swedish pop group ABBA, 1974

The strike of British coal miners in 1984

The storm, 1920

Library after the bombing of London, 1940

Guided torpedo the Japanese kamikaze

Women filled with shrapnel artillery shells in a munitions factory, France, 1915

The rescue of the driver off the axle of a tractor, Redding, CA, USA, 1954

Glebovo in Sydney, Australia, 1916

The Desk of albert Einstein a few hours after his death, 1955

Icebreakers pushing an iceberg for free passage in the Strait McMurdo station, Antarctica, 1965

A supporter of the right’s killing of the Chairman of the socialist party of Inejiro, Asanuma, Tokyo, 1960

The rain in Moscow, USSR, 1956

The leads transmit Breakfast tea from one car to another, Pakistan, 1983

Wedding in East Germany, 1970-ies

Mikhail Zharov (Oprichnik) and Lyudmila Tselikovskaya (Queen) smoke in the break between filming of Sergei Eisenstein’s “Ivan the terrible”, Moscow, 1944

These pictures not only show some interesting or important scene, but even convey the spirit of the era. It’s funny to realize that once the pictures of our time that we do without even thinking, the same interest will be considered by our descendants.