Test yourself! Here are 10 signs of a really intelligent man

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 17:51

Test yourself! Here are 10 signs of a really intelligent man
Most often we call those smart people who perfectly fulfills the tasks are highly educated and broad-minded

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It really is a very characteristic signs of high intelligence, but besides them, there are other , reports Rus.Media.

To your attention 10 signs of really smart people. Check the list, I think that many of the items describe you.


High intelligence is almost always associated with a high level of empathy. Some psychologists even argue that empathy is a direct path to telepathy. No wonder smart people almost feel that now say the source.


A smart man is able to overcome his impulsiveness. Planning, clarifying, thinking through alternative strategies – that is, what distinguishes a smart person from a not too sensible. In addition, a high level of intelligence allows you to take care of trouble before they even start.

Sense of humor

AdVita Bihar of Harvard University notes that smart people have developed a sense of humor. In one study, University of new Mexico confirmed this conclusion: the more intelligent a person is, the funnier his jokes.


Frank Zhu, a Professor of psychology in Denver, I’m sure the people who know how to stay focused, very smart. The corresponding study was published in the journal Current Biology. By the way, this skill it is possible to “pump” that will increase the IQ level.


Smart people are flexible and able to cope with any new conditions. Intelligence allows a person to quickly change their habits and behaviors to more effectively cope with unusual tasks and to adapt to the new environment.


It turns out that owls are smarter than early risers. It’s been proven by psychologists in 2009. Just do not deliberately to change its mode, so it doesn’t work.


Think sashimi and watermelon have nothing in common? Clever people will find a connection instantly. For example, say that both eat raw and cold! The ability to draw Parallels between unrelated concepts – the key difference between a person with a well developed intellect.


Strange, but laziness is also a common sign of an intelligent people. But they know how to use spent procrastination time with benefit: reasoning about abstract things, they give enough time to form the desired ideas. Remember the saying “measure twice, cut once”? This is a perfect example of procrastination a person with a high intelligence level.

Social anxiety

Very smart people show a characteristic tendency to loneliness. Interestingly, a recent study in the British journal of psychology has shown a direct relationship between a light level of anxiety and intelligence. It turned out that smart people are just more interesting alone – they always have something to occupy the mind.


Even albert Einstein admitted that he has no special talents, but only one! This – insatiable curiosity. And it is not enough! That curiosity pushes most scientists to make new discoveries.