The ASUS ROG G502VS-GZ297T laptop offers a discount of 300 euros

Techno 18 July, 2017

Summer sales continue to delight us. Rue du Commerce breaks the price of a 15.6-inch ASUS ROG, a PC for gamers whose technical record is quite muscular. Discover this promo for about 300 euros.

If you are looking for a very good laptop for gamers without you being forced to pay the price, you are on the right page. As usual we are looking for the best deals on sale but you can also post on our forums your various good plans. After finding you iPad Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Book at low prices, today we are interested in this pretty promotion of Rue du Commerce. The merchant site offers us a 15.6 “ASUS ROG laptop at” low price “. Officially marketed around 1500 euros, this computer for gamers goes below the 1200 euros. Come on, discover this tantalizing offer right now!

The ROG G502VS from Asus is considered a very good notebook to play. You can also carry it easily, and it has a good autonomy. If it guarantees a videoludic experience that tutoie excellence, the Asus laptop heats up a little and makes a little noise (which is often the case with the 15.6 inches). But at 1199 euros (instead of 1479 euros), this laptop seems to be an excellent deal. If you want to shopper it, this is where it goes. Otherwise, you can also discover our test of the tablet head that can make you zap a computer.