The basic version of the Universe turned out to be fake

Techno 4 March, 2018

2018-03-04 16:19

The basic version of the Universe turned out to be fake
The system first malfunctioned, scientists are looking for new options.

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Still believe that our planet is the result of a powerful explosion, and numerous processes at the deepest levels? Recently, Australian scientists have resorted to a unique experiment – using radio antennas, they saw that it looked like the Universe before the “big Bang”, reports Rus.Media.

As it turned out, billions of years ago, the emergence of all living things was preceded by the so-called “cosmic dawn” – that is, the brightest of all the stars announced the arrival of the global changes.

Experts worked with a complex Experiment to Detect the Global Epoch of Reionization Signature, or EDGES, wanted to know how the hydrogen atoms absorb the microwave radiation of the Big Bang: it is this moment signals the emergence of the first stars.

Their light was destroyed in this way. Later they caught the cumulated shadows, tiny particles of radiation that remain after hydrogen clouds, just such were 250 million years ago. Now we have long work on the shadow system, which is used to create a precise model of the Universe.

All about “the big Bang Theory” first began in the second decade of the twentieth century, it has a wide range of supporters. But is and many critics:

“I believe that the “Big Bang” never happened. Beyond the event horizon of regular black holes, no major changes, but inside, the changes are very deep,” says physicist Julian Cesar Silva Neves, who works as a research fellow of the Institute of mathematics in Brazil.