The courageous battle of a burned 12-year-old

News 12 March, 2018
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    Burned 2nd and 3rd degree there is almost a year, the young Francis Langevin, is doing better, although he still bears the scars of the tragic accident of which he was victim.

    “It’s getting better more and more, says the boy of 12 years old in interview with Denis Lévesque. There is a lot of massages and it’s going very, very well. Burns is improving and it becomes more beautiful. If it continues like this, I have the impression that we will have nothing to do so it’s going to be beautiful.”

    On April 28, 2017, his half-brother and his cousin had made torches by hand, using scraps of wood and old clothes, and playing with fire in a garage in Val-Des-Monts, in Outaouais. But they decided to push the experience further and they used an accelerant alcohol-based.

    The situation quickly escalated, and an explosion occurred.

    “My jacket was caught on fire, says Francis. I paniquais, I was afraid. I decided to try to take off my jacket, but it didn’t work because I had a lot of adrenaline, I was in a panic. In doing so, I caused the fact that my hands have caught on fire. So I was even more in panic, I was hurting and I was running everywhere.”

    The pain was particularly intense for the child.

    “For a moment, I was very, very bad because I had second-degree burns, but after a while, my nerves have burned, he said. It was made of burns of the third degree.”

    For a moment, he even believed that it would not come out alive.

    “My hands were melting, remembers there. I saw the fragments of the chair to hang. It was really paniquant. I was afraid. I was wondering if I was going to die.”

    After trying to roll to put an end to this ordeal, it is finally when his family have rolled up in a covered that the flames could be extinguished.

    He stayed conscious throughout the accident, he had to be plunged into a coma for 13 days in the hospital.

    “When I woke up, I was in the weaning period, explains the young age of 12 years. It is there that they were dropping a lot of the drugs. For three days, I had hallucinations. It was not very nice to see for me and my mother.”

    After months of receiving treatment in a Montreal hospital, he finally returned to his home, in Outaouais, in December last year.

    “I started school on 4 December, he said. It’s going well until people start to intimidate me.”

    He said, in particular have been the target of disparaging remarks in a history class. Meetings were held with the school staff to put an end to this situation.

    Francis Langevin has also received a helping hand from firefighters to Val-des-Monts. After collecting donations, they have presented a cheque for $ 10,000 to the family to help with the many treatments and medications that must follow the young man.

    Even if he says he is sometimes “angry” against his half-brother, his cousin, Francis said that “there is other times where you don’t really think that”.

    “It is an accident, but it’s still stupid to play with fire because they knew in advance that it could cause” business, ” he says.