The female orgasm: interesting facts

Techno 1 February, 2018

2018-02-01 16:50

The female orgasm: interesting facts
Dry statistics that will help you more to understand the nature of these strange and coveted creatures.

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And students know that there are clitoral, vaginal and combination orgasms, reports Rus.Media. But they don’t really know what else there is unagented orgasm. Is when a girl cums from kissing his chest, neck, arms, and so forth.


There are in the world, this lady who in one hour could experience 134 orgasms.

Serial orgasm

This volley of orgasms with pauses 2-10 seconds.

Not happy

As many as 50% of women are not satisfied with the number and the duration of the test orgasms.

Time to achieve female orgasm

Masturbation — 2-4 minutes;

Normal sexual intercourse in 10-20 minutes.

Never had an orgasm

…10% of women.