The head of Boeing has promised before the Mask to send humans to Mars

Techno 9 December, 2017

2017-12-09 20:10

The head of Boeing has promised before the Mask to send humans to Mars
“The first man will go to Mars on one of our missiles,” — the words of the CEO of Boeing, Dennis Mullenberg.

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It is easy to guess that in the first place, these words should touch Elon musk that every effort rush to be the first to send humans to Mars, reports Rus.Media.

Muilenburg said that Boeing will definitely be first in the race, leaving behind SpaceX. In his opinion, despite all the desire Mask, he will not be able to get ahead of the implementation of the project of an interplanetary ship Space Launch System, Boeing creates, in cooperation with NASA. The head of Boeing said today that a space system goes through final testing and will be the first that will take man to the Red planet. Boeing expects to make its first test flight in 2019. “In the end we will go to Mars, and I firmly believe that the first person who will go to Mars, get there on a rocket Boeing”, — he said.

Before that, Elon Musk said that the first manned missions to Mars will start in 2020’s. In the summer, he presented his plan of colonization of the planet. Already in 2018, the rocket Mask needs to go in the first mission on the moon and Mars. Yet without people. For manned spaceflight, Musk has planned to create a big booster BFR. This year, he said that it will take 5 years.

Until what exact date does not name any manufacturers of spacecraft. While NASA plans to send humans to Mars in 2033. Musk, meanwhile, shortly after the New year, will launch toward Mars your cherry Tesla Roadster with the new heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy. Test flights of all companies that plan to conquer Mars, should not begin before next year. Their result early to talk about specific dates and someone’s chances. This problem is not only the Mask. The start of the mission using the same booster from Boeing SLS and Orion spacecraft has been scheduled for 2016, but then was postponed to November 2018. In April, NASA announced that the launch is postponed to 2019. But it is possible that this period will fail.