The identified privacy threats correspondence WhatsApp

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 09:19

The identified privacy threats correspondence WhatsApp
German experts have discovered the shortcomings of the program WhatsApp, which is really a hack and listen to any user.

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A team of German cryptographers found significant deficiencies WhatsApp, which threaten the privacy of correspondence, reports the Wired, reports Rus.Media.

Studies of the messenger showed that there is a threat of penetration into group chats. A number of shortcomings of WhatsApp, the scientists describe the Real World Crypto conference in Zurich (Switzerland), which was held this Wednesday 10 January. They argue that having access to the server program, anyone can add people to a WhatsApp chat and after that to read any previous correspondence.

It is not surprising that the representative of the WhatsApp, commenting on the study, said that no one can secretly add a participant to the chat because other users will always be able to see and, if necessary, to stop the group chat and go to private messages.

Unfortunately, he never explained about the intricacies of the relationship between open-channel group messaging and the ability to read private messages of the user.

Representatives of the company reproached, that they have built the principle of encrypting messenger, which closes on who owns the servers.

Because there is no guarantee that the owner is under pressure obstavini will provide access to them to a third party.