The iPhone X has encountered a new serious problem

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 17:39

The iPhone X has encountered a new serious problem
The problem faced hundreds of owners of the flagship X Phone gadget

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Difficulties occur when trying to reject the call or accept it, reports Rus.Media.

IPhone X began to complain about new problems with the gadget. Hundreds of owners have encountered problems while trying to answer the call or reject it.

Media reported that while the solution to the situation that has developed, not found. Regarding the problem itself, it is that the smartphone screen remains black for 6-10 seconds when an incoming call comes in. And only after that the screen lights up.

Their complaints to the owners of the gadgets published on the website of the manufacturer and describe the cases encountered. According to media reports, the company is already investigating this problem. Earlier it was reported that the experts have identified the world’s most popular smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2017.