The look-alike Ariana Grande annoys fans of the star

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Ludovic Jaccard – Looking like as two peas to the American singer Jacky Vasquez causes controversy on the Net.
With his doe eyes, his long smooth hair and his sulky pout, Jacky Vasquez is the spitting portrait of Ariana Grande. Comparing their photos, difficult to differentiate them. No wonder then that on Instagram , the young woman of 20 years is followed by more than 215,000 subscribers subjugated by its resemblance to the singer of 23 years.

“I’m not a piece of meat”
However, Jacky did not realize right away that she was the perfect look-alike of the star. “Honestly, I never thought I looked like Ariana. I saw that there was indeed a small resemblance to photos and videos, but only when people are pointed out to me, “she confided to the site .
Now, the beautiful grows her look and makeup to look even more like Ariana, who is also her idol. An attitude that does not necessarily appeal to all Arianators. “I’ve received so many hateful messages from her fans, it’s unimaginable,” she laments. Half of them are very sweet and kind and the other are the nastiest people I’ve ever seen online! ”

Despite everything, Jacky continues to live her life as she sees fit and hopes to meet Ariana: “I’m sure it will happen and it will be a very special day.”