The magnetic storms with a new force will hit the Ground

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 11:43

The magnetic storms with a new force will hit the Ground
The morning of January 18 in the Sun was a powerful flash, which on January 19 will begin to affect the inhabitants of the Earth magnetic storms.

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The effects of the powerful solar flares in the near future will feel the inhabitants of the Earth — on the 19 of January the planet will cover new magnetic storms that will occur within a few days, writes Rus.Media.

Doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Vsevolod Lozitsky notices that flare on the sun destroy the tranquil mode of life, creating discomfort and even leading to social upheaval.

Magnetic storm will last three days. According to scientists, the Sun is now in the minimum of its 11-year cycle, so in the next three years or powerful flashes, none really large geomagnetic storms are expected.

Therapist Victoria Poroshenko said that some people experience changes in the geomagnetic field in advance — they usually complain of weakness, anxiety, irritability, confusion, headache and heartache, as well as jumps in blood pressure. The physician advised to drink more fluids, get enough sleep and do not overload the body with excess coffee, alcohol and heavy food.

Recall, the first in 2018 a weak magnetic storm occurred last weekend on Sunday, January 14. Planetary index of geomagnetic activity, which are characterized by fluctuations of the Earth magnetic field has reached values of Kp=5, which is the minimum level for magnetic storms. The storm lasted only 2.5 hours.

The cause of the magnetic storm began perturbations of the solar wind blowing the Earth. The increase in wind speed was almost 100 % — from 350 km/sec at the beginning of the resurrection, about 600 km in the beginning of the storm. Geomagnetic storm is accompanied, as a rule, only the first blow on the Earth which displays the earth’s magnetic field out of balance. After that, even if the wind speed remains high, but does not change the Earth’s magnetic field adapts to it and ceases to oscillate.

Recall that strong magnetic storms occur approximately 200 times during a solar cycle that lasts 11 years (that is, 18 times per year). They can lead to transient failure of the GPS navigation and low frequency radio navigation.

The solar wind, increased the impact of which is now facing Earth, is called the plasma stream continuously flows from the Sun’s atmosphere in all directions and fills the entire Solar system. The fastest solar wind streams flowing from the coldest sections of the solar corona, called coronal holes. Since coronal holes are often “live” for a few revolutions of the Sun (i.e. several months), they produce a fast wind, are also stable entities. Some of them during this time, hit the Ground several times with every turn of the Sun to the Earth by the party concerned. Arise at such shocks the magnetic storms are recurring — they are separated by a step 27 days, which coincides with the rotation period of the Sun.