The main signs of female infidelity

Techno 14 March, 2018

2018-03-14 21:46

The main signs of female infidelity
No way with 100% certainty determine that his wife is cheating on you. However, there are signs that should make you wary and at least be a little attentive to his wife or girlfriend.

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Here are a few main reasons for jealousy:

1. The wife is often missing at home. Of course, she can argue that working late or hanging out with friends. In fact, she starts to avoid his partner and spending time with someone else. Besides, the woman stops communicating on an emotional level and moves away from him.

2. Reduced sexual activity. If a woman had a lover, then with a regular partner she is cold in bed. Meets her sexy lover – why her relationship with her husband or permanent boyfriend?

3. Drastic changes in appearance. Sudden change in appearance can be viewed with suspicion. If a woman starts to wear outfits that she never wore, it should be alerted its permanent partner.

4. The appearance of a new friend. Friends in the pair is considered normal, but if a woman is constantly talking about a particular person, it can also be a sure sign of infidelity.

5. The phone, which previously lay on the table is now in your pocket. Password in social. networks. Smoking device on the far balcony. The smile becomes meaningful “You don’t know, and I’m …” the Desire to feed something special to sweeten the pill. The appearance of friends who are invited to the cafe, celebrate birthdays with alcohol after work.