The meanest Zodiac signs

Techno 21 February, 2018

2018-02-21 15:26

The meanest Zodiac signs
Money is like the expense.

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Generous — the master of your money, miser — their servant, says the proverb. We have compiled “hit parade” the meanest Zodiac signs. Start with the end, reports Rus.Media.

12 — Archer

Sagittarius luck with money and money with Sagittarius, because the representatives of this sign are often very generous. Stop them in the desire to help someone, to support with finances very difficult. The generosity of Sagittarius is infinite, and the soul that’s kind of selfless. “Like” — because, helping, Sagittarius gets in return gratitude and reverence. This is what he needs. Well like Archer to be good.

11 — Aquarius

Unlike Sagittarius, Aquarius investing in useful things at all without a second thought. He really feels the joy in helping others and throwing money. This causes several problems. First, the Aquarius loses his mind in the process of getting rid of material goods and can’t stop. Secondly, his generosity can benefit the wrong people.

10th place — Leo

Leos love to be beautiful and many. But the generosity of their election and their concerns only, outsiders will see the Lions of these cormorants. However, lion will change the anger to mercy (that is, greed for generosity) if you enter his inner circle.

9th place — Aries

Investing from the heart, but with the mind. If Aries is out in full, then, the case. If you think that it is too generous, it’s not that Aries are generous, but only to the extent where it is profitable and appropriate.

8th place — Libra

To part with their money? Easily. As long as the money was wrong. Parent, sponsor, whatever. How to give a good question, but this Weight will think in the morning.

7th place — Scorpio

The Scorpio spends money not for himself but for others. Rather, for themselves but to impress. If you need to look generous, Scorpio will not regret the money. And when they run out, will evaporate. In General, the Finance for Scorpio — the question of peace of mind, without cash (or a card with a good score) Scorpio begins to worry.

6th place — Gemini

Here who likes to throw dust in the eyes, so is the Twins. The Twins ‘ behavior in public and behavior in a narrow circle — not the same story. So if you need to get the Twin financial concessions, negotiate in the presence of other people and get your.

5th place — Fish

Fish money is completely dependent on the mood. In a bright mood, they will easily despise all that is, but if you miss, you’ll never get from them one hundred rubles. Rather, you will wait, but with a hellish screeching and whining.

4th place — Taurus

Strange sign. They are struggling to live at the expense of others, actively delaying their penny. Will Balk, but would not pay. Among the Calves full, by the way, Alfonso and kept women. But. If they know you have real financial problems, you immediately forget about their greed and come to the rescue.

3rd place — Cancer

Cancers practical and stingy. Or just their practicality and appears to be a different greed? In any case, nothing Cancer is not spent will be. But the result will surround himself with the necessary and useful things.

2nd place — virgin

Representatives of this sign love to spend money on others, but spoil yourself struggling. Although to beg Dev some money, and even without problems because they are easily distracted by flattery. Just keep in mind: the virgin will remember how much she spent on you, and then will claim the amount back.

1 place — Capricorn

Leaders on the part of avarice. Ready to kill time searching for cheaper goods even if the price difference is negligible. More Capricorn it seems that everyone is trying to deceive him, so he is suspicious.