The most mysterious and terrible photos from space that will blow your mind!

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 15:38

The most mysterious and terrible photos from space that will blow your mind!
Space has always attracted human

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Space has always attracted people, reports Rus.Media. Starry sky has become more or less available to only some half a century ago, and although the space studied the man quite a bit, from time to time scientists can make incredible and sometimes spooky images from space.

For example, signs of human existence on Mars or black spots on the sun. This and much more on.

1. Skull on Mars

In 2014, NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity made a picture that may suggest the existence of extraterrestrial life. First, it’s like razomlev rocks, lying in the red Martian dust. However, a closer and detailed exploration revealed a form that is remarkably similar to a humanoid skull. Former employees of NASA insisted that after the completion of the Apollo moon missions and missions to the moon were carried out on a secret mission to Mars.

Some witnesses admitted that during the processing of the images, which were obtained after the Martian program “Viking”, they saw a human form on Mars. However, all of these pictures employees were seized, classified, and ordered to be silent under threat of physical violence. True or not, remains a mystery.

2. The fire suit

18 APR 1980 in preparation for the first Shuttle flight, NASA has been a serious accident. When testing a space suit, there was a fire oxygen mixture, which was at the back of the spacesuit life-support module.

The temperature of the fire was so intense that it melted the aluminum parts of the housing, spraying molten metal test room. Damages from the accident amounted to $ 2 million. Strange, but fixed fabric of the suit also caught fire and completely burnt out.

During the test, the suit was empty, however, one of the technicians was badly burned, as his melting nylon clothing stuck to the skin. As a result of this accident, the suit seriously upgraded, to protect astronauts from such possible situations.

3. A spot on the sun without a bottom

The sun is quite hot to our Earth for many millions of years, existed and developed life. And yet the Sun is not always stable and on it regularly there are various anomalies in the form of incredible highs, magnetic storms, and the formation of dark spots. One of these incredible spots recorded by the Observatory at the Institute in new Jersey. The size of this spot was so impressive that he was comparable to our planet.

But the interesting thing is that this spots just could not see the bottom, so it was dark. Scientists have differing opinions: some say that in the middle of the spot formed abnormally low temperature for the sun, others were inclined to the version, that in this place there has been a huge breakthrough the so-called “tubes” of magnetic field, which led to the formation of such an incredible spot size of ten thousand kilometers.

4. Incredible auroras on Saturn

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system after Neptune. This gas giant impresses with its size and appearance. In 2004, the Hubble telescope photographed the phenomenon, which has never been seen on Saturn.1 On the pole of this planet formed the incredible size of the Northern lights, several times more throughout our land. This is the Aurora was a bright ring which surrounded the whole pole of Saturn. And if on earth it basically has different shades of green, then on Saturn it was the radiance of turquoise.

5. A huge failure in space

In 1981, astronomers have discovered huge so-called “failure” in space, where there is absolutely nothing, no galaxies, no stars, no black holes. This area was called “the Great emptiness” or the “Bootes void”, because it is near the constellation Bootes.

This empty object in space covers the enormous size of 250-300 million light years. Scientists were in shock, as the modern theory of the origin of the universe do not provide for the formation of such large cavities. Scientists suggest that the Bootes void may be filled with a specific latent energy that does not interact with electromagnetic radiation, which means the complete inability of the study.

According to some scientists ‘ estimates, the share of this unknown dark energy can be up to one tenth of the total mass of the universe. In addition, scientists have expressed fears that if the proportion of this latent energy for some reason will start to increase, it may lead to a Large Assembly, the reverse process of the Big Bang.

As a result, matter may cease to exist as such. Of course, all this speculation, and what is hidden in this dark vast space, devoid of everything, remains a mystery.