The philosopher Michel Onfray slams the door of the Emission Policy of Léa Salamé… before the first show – Gala

Entertainment 13 September, 2017


The philosopher had to intervene every month of The Issuance policy, the following. But if the first issue of this new formula is scheduled for 28 September, Michel Onfray will not ultimately be part of the adventure.

Passionate about politics, the philosopher Michel Onfray was to comment each month about the guest and the latest news in The political Show, the following, the second part of the programme of Léa Salamé released in the second part of the evening. Only Michel Onfray will not be finally on the plateau of the first show of the season, broadcast on 28 September, and dedicated to the prime minister, Édouard Philippe.

The philosopher explains the reason for his gesture by an e-mail intended for the drafting of a TV Magazine : ” The production not having expected neither contract nor remuneration, I did not respond to this adventure.” If it is not uncommon for stakeholders to emissions not being paid, the role of Michel Onfray was supposed to be the expert regular on the show. The lack of consideration provided to its presence in the broadcast of the public service has, therefore, crucial to the philosopher.

Léa Salamé is about to make its first reentry only to the commands of theEmission Policy of France 2 since the departure of David Pujadas. It will be surrounded by experts, such as the economic columnist François Lenglet. It is still unclear whether the philosopher Michel Onfray will be replaced, or if the show will be modified to compensate for its absence.

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