The position in which you sleep, will tell a lot about you: why women like to sleep with a blanket between your legs?

Techno 23 December, 2017

2017-12-23 15:15

The position in which you sleep, will tell a lot about you: why women like to sleep with a blanket between your legs?
Some women like to sleep with a blanket between your legs. What would it mean? Because men of such habits, is not noticed.

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Moreover, the same women who compress the feet a blanket or pillow when you sleep alone, not against posability feet on the adjacent, when such appear. Strange habit…

But there are both psychological and physiological explanation. Let’s start with the first, it plays a crucial role.

The woman, throwing a leg up on the other person, controls it, or rather its presence. She kind of rolled his foot chained to the bed, and she sleeps. But tactile sensations give him to understand that he’s near, will not go away.

And if it’s nothing to worry about and you can sleep peacefully. If there’s only a blanket, can, guided by the same instincts to hug foot while it.

This illusion helps to relax. Women who do not use a blanket to calm, just think that the presence of the person on whom you can rely on and control it, is not important at this stage of their lives.

They sleep in the fetal position, on her back, stomach and the like. In these positions, displays another psychological state and needs.

Women love to hug their favorite kicks in his sleep. When gone, all the love goes to the blanket or pillow. It seems that there is one who can give her warmth. And the one who reciprocates. After all, the blanket, by definition, always warm and soft, like a gentle man.

As for physiology, some people put a blanket between the legs to the body during sleep was in a comfortable position. For example, when the prickly unshaven skin, and to wax her no time and effort, can thus solve the problem.

When the feet become very hot, touching each other, sweating, the blanket plays the role of teploreguliruth

In women with skinny legs knee crush on each other or bones RUB against each other at the ankles. A blanket can solve this problem.

Some people have problems with the spine. One leg that just lies on the other all night, presses his weight on the first, and it can be a pain in the lower back. Blanket here performs the role of soft supports for the upper legs.

It is widely believed that the blanket between the woman’s legs to satisfy her carnal needs, is not true. Because during the dream, she touches his genitals. It quickly brings her comfort than pleasure.

Not so long ago started to produce special pillows for pregnant women, the anatomy of the body which varies in the period of carrying a child and requires other conditions, including sleep.

The popularity and demand for these pillows made me think of producers over the release of products for those who suffers from a lack of hugs and physical closeness. Hugs pillow while you sleep can help replenish missing.