The predictions of the prophetess Vanga in 2018

Techno 28 January, 2018

2018-01-28 11:59

The predictions of the prophetess Vanga in 2018
What can you expect humanity, if you rely on Vanga predictions for 2018?

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Astrologers, psychics, magicians and wizards, and this is not a complete list of people who can predict our future, reports Rus.Media. Some scientists explain the origin of the phenomenon to genetics, while others associate it with the disease. But while scientists argue, the undisputed fact remains that the predictions of the inhabitant of Bulgaria Vanga credibility for the following reasons:

many of her predictions came true ( the accident on the submarine “Kursk”, the attack in America on 11 September 2001, the war in Syria);

she is our contemporary, and talked to her much.

So, what can you expect humanity, if you rely on the predictions of Vanga in 2018. Wang predicted that in the coming year.

Will be invented drugs that can push back the onset of old age for humans and prolongs its youth. Considering the fact that scientists have already offer a variety of drugs that allow people to look and feel younger and better at a more Mature age, which was not the case 50 years ago, it is quite possible that science will be able to make it opening in 2018.

Trains will not only travel along the rails at breakneck speed, but fly through the sun’s rays. Hence the conclusion that mankind will be offered a new form of transport, and accordingly, a new type of fuel for this transport. Environmentalists have been trying to solve the problem about the pollution of the environment due to the growth in the number of vehicles, exhaust gases which are harmful for people and for nature. And, if this forecast is justified, it will be a solution to many energy problems for the world.

Will be the adverse effects of natural disasters. But, considering that probably no year is complete without them, it’s not even surprising. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes occur every year in every corner. Meteorologists and seismologists have learned to prevent such phenomena and in a timely manner to be ready for them.

Someone believes in the prophecy, some not. But, in this case, the wait was not long, only you have to live in 2018. Well, as they say, on the Wang trust…. and our future depends on us.