The prophecies of Nostradamus come true

Techno 29 January, 2018

2018-01-29 09:58

The prophecies of Nostradamus come true
Experts believe that the predictions of Nostradamus come true.

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Earlier Nostradamus predicted the persecution of millions of Falun Dafa supporters in China, which was launched at the end of the last century, reports Rus.Media. This event has become one of the most brutal tragedies, and the mockery of the people continue to this day.

Nostradamus also talked about disasters that will befall the planet. The scientist was able to predict seismic activity that affected Western North America and will provoke a shock wave of incredible power. At the present time a powerful earthquake occurred in Japan, Mexico and New Zealand. Nostradamus wrote in his book that “fire belt” of the Pacific will be especially active, which will cause a few volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Were known descendants of the alchemist, about a new world war. According to him, it will start after the attacks by Islamic radicals in France. This war, according to Nostradamus, will be the longest and the worst for all people.