The ranking of the most narcissistic Zodiac signs

Techno 8 February, 2018

2018-02-08 18:07

The ranking of the most narcissistic Zodiac signs
Love yourself no one is forbidden — this is not the worst feeling of all. However, some Zodiac Signs narcissism reaches the point of absurdity.

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Astrology even interested in such issues as self-love Zodiac Sign, because this trait says a lot about the personality of its owner. In this rating were those who love themselves most of all on the planet. To accuse such people is pointless: they are born selfish. However, before entering into relations with them with this horoscope still worth to see. After all, no one wants to live his life on the bench, constantly rolling his eyes from the antics of the narcissistic partner, reports Rus.Media.

12th place — Cancer

Cancers, so to speak, to love yourself is not to face: what nonsense are you talking about? They also do not feed the children, the husband (or wife) is not dressed, the sheets are not washed, the flowers aren’t watered, dogs are not uygulan. “I — this is the last letter in the alphabet” — firmly say Cancers and head are given to the service of the happiness of those who tamed. Love of self is not a stranger to Cancers, they just appreciate yourself only when everything around you appreciate them, that’s the whole truth. But remember this is when Cancers is still not worth it if you don’t want scandal from section: “what do you know about life?”.

11 — Virgo

Virgos are totally devoid of selfishness, however, it has long remained undetected. First and foremost, the virgin thinks about what’s best for others, and then about himself. Most often people who guessed the purpose of the Virgins, start with pity to look at them, but they are, of course, in vain: ego Virgo everything is fine. While you think that the virgin sacrificially gives his life for the sake of your virgin one stroke lashes solves all your problems. And then, as usual, encourage myself for once again saved the world. Yes, not all heroes wear capes, and the question here is about the Virgins. They even award themselves special — turn in on themselves, or rather, in the depths of his unfathomable mind. There it is best to relax from the constant and negligibly small problems that come up with people not of their rank.

10th place — Capricorn

Capricorn one person and therefore never change its habits, life beliefs, political views, and the opinions of others does not concern him. Such people do not break the rules, always keep my promises, responsible for others and love with all my heart. Of course, they love for something specific. The way Capricorn is similar to the efforts to achieve the “gold standard” and to appease your inner strict judge with high expectations. And this is not a joke. If Capricorn I vowed to love you and only you, he will love you so much that all the satellites will fly out of their sockets. But if not, then no.

9th place — Libra

On the 9th place, not without difficulty, of course, go up the Scales. They, as always, is still not fully understood, they love themselves or not. No, of course Libra love itself, stronger than all and pampered and tasty food, and beautiful dress. But this does not prevent them constantly doubt yourself: “am I doing it right? Maybe I’m being brazen and arrogant? I may humiliate others? Maybe I love myself more than necessary? I’m definitely in ninth place? Perhaps I should go down. Although I’m hardly a selfish person”. In short, thoughts Scales are always busy with contradictions. They have a serious relationship with you. And the people they love, appreciate and adore.

8 — Gemini

The most mystical sign of the Zodiac Is Gemini. These characters are altruists take the 8th place, and all because of the innumerable subcapitata, the number of which they concede is that Billy Millano the Twins is the one that is responsible for love for others. No, you do not think that they are humiliated and don’t like (more like love, and in no limit), just from the outside it looks as if the Twins were born with them embedded in a self-destruct device. They fully give of ourselves to others, then to enjoy its advantage and indispensability.

7th place — Aquarius

In seventh place in the list of the most selfish Zodiac Signs were Aquarians are more in life I dream to live freely in harmony with the world and others. You most likely do not know, but if the world looked the way you see Aquarius, then we would have already appointed their chair of globe and Vice-God. This, of course, just a dream, but the fact that Aquarians love this world more than yourself, do not argue.

6th place — Sagittarius

In the center of our rating — Archers, which somehow miraculously managed to find in life the harmony between love of self and the world. They are in love with themselves to such an extent that they can get out of life and do not irritate his antics of others. Representatives of this Sign always manages to find a middle ground between “want” and “need”. To be completely honest, the Archers would be awful if they were similar to Dev, but with their set of qualities. But we were lucky: the Archers — who they are, themselves, perfect and friendly creatures.

5th place — Aries

The rams entered the five of the most unbearable Signs of the Zodiac, and for several reasons. First, Aries people like themselves, and secondly, they suffer from high self-esteem. More precisely, do not suffer, and revel in: “Yeah, I’m just the king, and the world would not be so perfect, not be me.” If you don’t try to change the RAM, then it is even possible to live side by side happily ever after: it is the gift protape you the way to a brighter future. However, if blindly follow the RAM, then suddenly you notice that you are moving in the darkness. And all because a mad RAM not to mislead: he doesn’t care where to go, so wrap it for us.

4th place — Taurus

Taurus, oddly enough, one of the most selfish Characters, but to the leading three is still not reached. All because the hope in him is still there. Representatives of this Sign is a terrible bebelubi, but they are armed with courage to take off his shirt and stretching her neighbor. One caveat: this neighbor has to love genuinely and hopelessly Taurus, then Taurus will help. Don’t want to love a Taurus? Well, keep your distance, all sorts of parasites he doesn’t need.

3rd place — Fish

Fish got bronze, because they do not love themselves is in itself the soul is not chayut. And so much that it’s maddening all around. The world is what you can watch forever: how water flows, how fire burns and how the Fish sees it. Be careful: they know their weapons, and if necessary, they can use it: you will fall in love them to death and you will suffer all your life because typical Fish doesn’t reciprocate. It’s simple: her heart is overwhelmed by strong feelings to yourself. But the Fish in this love is true, so casting fishing rod: when you have a chance to connect my life with a man who never changes?

2nd place — Leo

Here is a twist! Being selfish and kings pride trampled on some second place? They used to come for a visit or for a party on the red carpet, to tolerate the bows and the applause of the public and even listen to what they are cool and they have all good, but in second place they are not accustomed. The question is, why silver and not gold? And all because, if the Lions were hardened egoists, they wouldn’t have noticed. So they are not so conceited as to tell.

1st place — Scorpio

And here he is — a hero of our time! Take the gold medal of the Scorpion, and forget about everything. Honestly, it’s embarrassing to us, because to explain how the Scorpions were in the first place, it is impossible. So we keep silent, adding only that the representatives of all Zodiac Signs, and this article, all astrology, stars, the Solar system and the universe is just dirt under the feet of the Scorpion. Anyway, the Scorpio believes in it unconditionally, as useless to argue with him.

Horoscope narcissistic Zodiac Signs are advised to be cautious in relationships with Scorpios, Taurus, Lions, and Fishes, although selfishness is inherent in every person. This sense of nature to us, so there is no reason to condemn those who loves himself more than is required of him. Each Sign of the Zodiac is something for which he can be forgiven this error, — a strong hand, for example.