The Russian embassy in Canada is the speech from Trudeau

News 22 March, 2018
  • File Photo, AFP

    Christopher Nardi

    Thursday, 22 march, 2018 18:24

    Thursday, 22 march, 2018 18:28

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    OTTAWA | The Russian embassy to Canada lashed out at red cannon balls to the criticisms made by Justin Trudeau on Wednesday to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

    “We regret the confrontational language of prime minister Trudeau during the press conference that took place yesterday in Toronto and which was caused by the hysterical russophobe libelous in the United Kingdom”, gazouillé Thursday, the official account of the embassy.

    “The language of ultimatums is totally unacceptable and counter-productive, especially for the bilateral dialogue on important issues, such as the Arctic,” continues the micromessage.

    The embassy, therefore, has not digested the criticism of prime minister Trudeau on Wednesday to the Russian president on the sidelines of an event in Toronto. The PM is in particular taken to a number of decisions on the international stage of Russia.

    He also said that Canada must ensure to protect its electoral system in the face of threats of interference by foreign powers.

    “I think president Putin must begin to demonstrate through its actions that it wants to play a positive role in the international community,” has launched Mr. Trudeau to journalists.

    “Either by removing its presence in the Donbass or in withdrawing from the Crimea, whether to accept the responsibility to respond to the important issues of the United Kingdom asks to the result of the horribly poisoning occurred a few weeks ago in Salisbury, whether it’s questions on NATO, Syria, or the Arctic,” continued the prime minister.