The scientists said, for someone watching the daffodils in Instagram

Techno 14 January, 2018

2018-01-14 10:15

The scientists said, for someone watching the daffodils in Instagram
Researchers from Sejong University and the University of Michigan studied the grandiose Narcissus

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It’s the extroverts with high self esteem who believe that they all have something. The study involved 276 adults users of the social network Instagram. The researchers assessed the level of narcissism in volunteers, reports Rus.Media.

The study showed that the level of narcissism was higher in those Instagram users that publish a large number self. After this, the researchers asked participants to rate other users ‘ levels of narcissism, arrogance and a degree of confidence.

Scientists discovered that the daffodils are more often subscribed to the arrogant user who published self. So, apparently, daffodils in Instagram are drawn to other narcissists.

By the way, earlier it was established that the youth believe Instagram social network for narcissists. The researchers interviewed 9447 students. Respondents believed that Instagram fits narcissistic people more than Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

In particular, 64% of survey participants said was the most appropriate for Narcissus to social network Instagram, 15% – Snapchat, an 11% Twitter and 10% Facebook.