The shape of the nose will tell about your personality

Techno 15 December, 2017

2016-01-05 21:29

The shape of the nose will tell about your personality
The nature of the shape of the nose. Nose a lot of you will tell!

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Strange but true!

Your nose can tell a lot about your personality, according to research by Israeli scientist Abraham Tamir of the University of Ben-Gurion. The results of his research papers have been published in the Journal of craniofacial surgery.

Forms of the nose a lot, but that eight major:

The Nubian nose

The Nubian nose is notable for its length. The back of this nose is almost straight, and the tip pointing down. Holders of this form are often interesting and very optimistic. “Nubians” are trying hard to help others, to create for others the conditions were ideal. People with Nubian nose many cute on any problems they will always find a solution.

Greek nose

The name that appeared in the observations of ancient Greek sculptures. The Greek nose is very narrow, long and straight. “Greeks” is not always like to be the center of attention. They are very practical and loyal to their loved ones. Such people are very difficult to talk about their feelings, what they seem to be pretty closed.

Kryuchkovo nose

Many compare that nose with a bird’s beak. His back is arched, and the tip pointing down. Such people are very creative, very selfless. They passionately ready to defend his principles, risking everything for their own purposes.

The nose arch

Such a nose is very similar to the kryuchkovo, but the tip of it even more pointed. People with this nose are brilliant organizers. They are always honest and responsible in their work, always reach the required goals.


The nose is very small and graceful. Form is the most common. The holders of such nose very spontaneous in their decisions than sometimes displease others. These people have a very strong character, immediately moving from talk to action. They almost always get what you want.

Straight nose

Such a nose is very common in Asia. Its form is almost perfectly straight, a little flat. The tip is rounded, and the nostrils are rather wide. Such people have a very strong character. They are very passionate and temperamental. The anger of the people with a straight nose cause it very easily.

Concave nose

This nose on the back there is a small tubercle. This form is not very common, to distinguish it from the other quite difficult. People with this nose are generosity, a desire to solve the problems of others. Holders of such shape is very sensitive, easy to offend.

Crooked nose

The name is not the most pleasant. However, the nature of such people is very often soft and loving. The back of this nose is curved, and the tip rounded. “Krivonosy” very focused on what they are doing. They’re very good listeners, best friends and partners.