The solar Eclipse on 15 Feb. What you should do to six months were successful, and what they should not do

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 19:51

The solar Eclipse on 15 Feb. What you should do to six months were successful, and what they should not do
2018 has just begun, and Eclipse followed one after another.

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In January we experienced a lunar Eclipse, February 15 we will be watching the sun. It is believed that these days are special, endowed with a certain power. In the day of a solar Eclipse symbolically cut off the old life and begins a new period, reports Rus.Media.

The energy with which we live this day, that their thoughts, actions, emotions, we will radiate that and get a response from the Universe in the next few months. Let’s use the energy of the solar Eclipse for their own benefit.

What not to do in the day of a solar Eclipse. On this day especially need to try to keep track of your moods, words and emotions. Beware of sharp and hurtful words, move away from conflict situations in the family and at work, do not be angry and do not wish evil to others, do not begin or maintain quarrels, otherwise the conflicts will be long-continued, and to restore good relations will not be easy.

February 15, bad day for taking vital decisions: major purchases, selling a car, buying apartments, changing jobs, moving, signing new contracts, registration of securities etc. it is Better to postpone for a few days after a solar Eclipse, ideally for 2 weeks.

How to behave on the day of a solar Eclipse. It is advisable to spend the day in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world: thoughts and mood to attract positive, to think and dream about the good, vividly imagine yourself in the near future, set goals that you want to achieve.

Pay attention to new connections and acquaintances, the people who first came into your life this day, or old friends with whom you had not seen for many years, it is not accidental that appears in your way (it’s not just the day of a solar Eclipse, but the entire period of the corridor eclipses). This karmic Dating and meeting that will bring changes for the better in your life.

The ritual for fulfillment of desires. Imagine, how would you like to see yourself and write it down on paper. To formulate your wish as if the action has already taken place. For example: I am successful, I am rich, I am beautiful, I am healthy, I am loved, I’m popular, etc.

Create your own image “I’m from the future”. For example, you family, next to beloved husband, children, a large comfortable country house. Or are you a successful business lady who runs her own business. Or – you are a famous actress or singer who travels around the world. Safely fantasize on this topic, presenting your image in every detail and detail, visualize yourself dream. And remember: dreams come true, and a solar Eclipse – the best guide to our deepest desires!