The train was headed to Montreal: a car left on the shoulder of a railroad track is hit in Ontario

News 29 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Thursday, 29 march, 2018 19:41

    Thursday, 29 march, 2018 19:41

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    BATH, Ontario | Five men are behind bars after their vehicle was struck by a patrol car of the police of Kingston, Ontario, before being hit by a train en route to Montreal at the end of a police chase.

    After the collision with the patrol car, the car of the accused is committed in the direction west on highway 401, the newspaper reported, “The Kingston Whig-Standard”. She then turned to the south, on route 6. The two suspects then fled on foot, but were arrested by the Ontario provincial Police a few moments later.

    During this time, their three accomplices were alleged to have continued the run and abandoned their vehicle on the shoulder of a railroad track. The train 64 from VIA Rail that made it to Kingston, then Montreal, and finally completely destroyed the car of the fugitives in the hitting at high speed. No one was aboard the vehicle.

    The train remained at a standstill for several hours after the collision, but fortunately no passengers were injured.

    All the occupants of the vehicle are in the shade until the end of the investigation and the charges that will be filed against them.