The value of fingers

Techno 12 December, 2017

2017-02-18 21:55

The value of fingers
The seven energy centers of the person responsible for the mental state, related to fingers and hands, as if “projected” on them.

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In a certain way, folding hands or fingers, we can reach certain States of mind and consciousness. Prioritise in the hour of despondency, to focus on the victory before a choice or a battle, to protect themselves from the emotional pressure of others or superiors, and finally become more happy.


Big finger, we owe the fact that different from animals, even monkeys, who he also is, but is on the palm is not so, as we, from a different angle, accordingly, does not give such as we have opportunities to work with objects. The thumb corresponds to the energy center located at the top of the head, which connects us with the world of ideals, it is our individual channel energy egregor, under the name of GOD. That is why in ancient times the rings on this finger had the right to wear high rank priests, archbishops and the Pope. This finger is associated with those who have gone beyond “good and evil”, reached enlightenment, found her own way to God. The gesture “thumb up” means “good”, “cool”, “super” — that is what a certain situation, thing or circumstance in your tune reach the ideal state. Often, a person who is not confident in his opinion or weakened physically or mentally hides his thumb into a fist, protecting his other fingers. This is a gesture of protection, his personality, his way of life and their own destiny. On the right hand such a gesture will help to protect against adversity, to protect your way in business, my goal, my sincere desire and hope. The left hand is this gesture will give the opportunity to find a way to your unique mission on this Earth, and to understand and accept what is happening with You.


The index finger is “steering” with your finger. It is associated with the energy centre located in the center of the forehead in determining spiritual values. Since childhood, we remember the us threatening index finger at the time of our pranks and disobedience. Also shows us the right path. Puts production task:”…from the fence to lunch…,” or electing us out of the ranks equal to complete any tasks… the United thumb and forefinger in our culture means: “OK!”. All right, all right. You can meditate, connecting the fingers to the ring. The thumb — connection with God at an unconscious, individual level, it connects with the index associated with the “third eye”, the spiritual values of a person in his request to instruct on the right path, to help not to make mistakes. The index finger is adorned with rings of great generals, the rulers of the Nations and countries of the famous sages and philosophers who understand the meaning of life. In our world this corresponds to the steep businessmen, politicians, figures of art and science on a national scale. Combining unnoticed at the time of an important conversation the thumb and index finger of the right hand You will be able with great success to promote their arguments and ideas. On the left hand this sign will help You understand the true intent of your partner, and Your place in his plans. “Accented” ring or signet, this finger will give You the solidity and authority: on the right hand in practice, and on the left side in the realm of feelings and spirituality.


The middle finger is known by the famous “hooligan” gesture, when all fingers clenched in a fist, but pulled the average up. This is a gesture of action, movement, and volitional manifestations is associated with the center located at the base of the throat, realizing the spiritual aspirations of man, his ethical values and morals. What is “finger action”, it is easy to test, trying different fingers to click with someone on the forehead. The most powerful click get average. The connection thumb and middle finger in the ring on the right hand will give You strength and pressure of the fight on the left will help You to feel the course of events and prepare for their turn in any direction. It combines the Divine with the action, the will of man, a specific thing stress. This finger is associated with the warriors. Now, Executive Directors, managers, military, police, people of duty and honor, servants, executors of the plans. Jewels and rings this finger celebrated great warriors and people who want to gain confidence in themselves.


The ring finger is associated with the centre responsible for our cardiac cases and located at the level of the heart. That is why wedding promise ring we wear on that finger. If You look closely to the images of Christ on the icons, you will notice that on the right hand thumb and a fourth finger connected to the sign that God (the thumb) is Love (ring finger). Sensitive nature, art and experiences “focus” that finger on your hands rings. The ring of the big and ring fingers on his right hand will help You to Express your feelings much more intense, and on the left it will help You to fill the vessel of his soul, cosmic love, to understand, whether You loved it for real or is just a game.


The smallest of the “five brothers” of the hand-versed in the subtleties of communication. Is finger center, located at the level of the solar plexus” associated with reason, negotiation, speaking and listening, thinking and all symbolic systems of our lives. You probably saw the gesture “call me” when the hand next to the head, while the thumb is directed to the ear, pinky to mouth, and the other bent. A true master of ceremonies, saying grace-a toast holding the glass “sticking out”finger to the side, as well as a socialite, leading a casual conversation over a Cup of coffee. It’s a finger, people who know how to think, negotiate,consider and compare. If You want to combat their arguments or proposals for business partners, You have to put in the ring and little finger of the right hand and on his left hand this gesture will allow you to understand the situation and make the right decision in business or study. Previously the privilege of wearing jewelry on this finger had the the merchants now are businessmen.


However, centers of seven, and fingers are five! “Drop down” from a number of deuce connected with the left and right hands. Rather, “working” and “nonworking” hands, as in life there are lefties and righties. The working hand (let’s call it right) to do with the material, giving practical world, the action, and the center, located on the coccyx. A non-working (left) — with the energy and emotional perceiving the world and a center that lies just below the navel. To advance in the practical sphere of life, you need to use the right (working) hand. If You are more interested in feelings and perceptions left. In General, as you may have noticed on TV, for example, all psychics, mostly, trying to feel something, and from a man that is on his left palm, and the actions are only made right hand. Therefore, if you are doing exercises on extra-sensory abilities: vision, reading, etc., then 90% chance that you need to do it, namely, left hand, opening his palm and sending it the object’s center for feelings.