The volcano, Yellowstone NP will help to cure cancer

Techno 4 March, 2018

2018-03-04 23:26

The volcano, Yellowstone NP will help to cure cancer

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The volcano, Yellowstone NP can help in the treatment of patients with cancer. To such conclusion scientists of the USA, reports Rus.Media.

Of course, this will happen not because its existence as such. At the same time, in the geysers, located in its vicinity detected viruses, able to deal with cancer.

The experiments clearly demonstrated that hot spring are contained in the emissions of the viruses is able to change its longobardo forms on cylindrical.

This property facilitates their penetration into the tumour cells are pathological. In addition, this virus is able to memorize information obtained from DNA and RNA. It can then pass this data around the human body.

Scientists believe that by using these properties of newly discovered viruses, they will be available for changing settings in malignant diseases. Thus, it will be possible to make it impossible that the disease developed further. That is, it will be possible to prevent progression of the cancer.