The year of the Dog 2018: horoscope for the whole family

Techno 7 December, 2017

2017-11-30 20:51

The year of the Dog 2018: horoscope for the whole family
Horoscope for the year 2018, according to the Eastern calendar.

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We tell what to expect from 2018 Dogs, reports Rus.Media.

That will bring into our lives the year of the Dog 2018? Astrologers describe it as wise, just, prudent landlady of the year. And it sounds optimistic, because it gives hope for positive changes.

The year of the earth Dog will not be perfect or too complex. Although under the rule of the new mistress will be different events to develop a variety of circumstances. And what exactly promises this year each of us will tell Eastern horoscope for 2018:

The year of the Dog for Dog

Dog dog friend and 2018 will prove it. The dog definitely will consider his kinship with the Eastern representatives of this Zodiac sign. She will do everything to make the life of Dogs was not large, nor small troubles. In addition, the Dog shall provide its fellow calm and stability in every spheres of life. One thing is clear, Dogs-climbers, and the Dogs that chose at rest, during the reign of his cousin will finally find free time to practice themselves.

The year of the Dog Pig

Horoscope for the year 2018 for Pigs promises representatives sign stable 12 months. Such stability will haunt them in all fields. The financial position will be strengthened and those who are employed, and those who lead their own business. In the year of the Dog Pig can slightly modify their principles. They “released” their relationships and don’t particularly appear to care about feelings.

The year of the Dog for Cock

Cocks in 2018 can give only one advice – before the loud cry, think about the consequences of their excessive blatancy. Don’t forget that the ruler of this annual cycle is not like either screamers or all those who are too openly about himself. This does not mean that the entire 2018 you need to keep a low profile. No, it’s not about that! Will be enough if you slightly keep your impulsive nature and will shout loudly only where necessary.

The year of the Dog for Monkey

The horoscope Monkey in 2018 assumes a remarkable period, when troubles and problems will be minimum. Surprising, because the Monkey is by nature cheerful and optimistic. With Yellow Dog they are to have fun, to have fun and enjoy life. Of course, everything should be in moderation. Of course, in 2018 the Monkey to work and to think seriously about the financial situation. If you take the case surely and deftly, even the competitors envy you.

The year of the Dog for Horse

The horse in the year of the Dog will be jumping for joy, and fluttering from happiness – Yes, it happens. With competitors you will deal with hooves, and besides, horseshoes you have a fairly heavy (at least, of pure gold). In 2018, you must upgrade the harness business partners meet the Horses on clothes. Horses love to travel, and Yellow Dog will give you this opportunity, not yet one – what do you think about a weekly trip? In the pursuit of success is important not to forget about friends and they, more than anyone, know your weaknesses, and always keep from rash actions.

The year of the Dog for Goats

2018 I mean Goats may well earn the status of “Oscar”, because Yellow Dog is extremely generous with all sorts of awards and prizes. The Goat will be almost the only character that will receive all winning just by the will of the happy occasion, making for achieving them with minimal effort. Get ready for rapid jumps up the career ladder, romantic Dating and financial success.

The year of the Dog for the Rabbit

Horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rabbit (or Cat) promises many opportunities. If the representatives of the sign will understand the “signs from above”, they are sure to be a success in all Affairs. You need to carefully read every acquaintance, every step and push that can turn life upside down. Those Rabbits that prefer to stay away from what he has prepared for them the fate can not catch the tail of luck. Only the enterprise and directly involved in the events will make a Rabbit on the crest of a wave of luck.

The year of the Dog for a Snake

In the year of the Dog wise, charming and quite cunning Snakes should behave with extreme caution. To you 2018 will not be easy. Especially hard to have in the first few months, but remember that any failure to 2018 contains any prospects. Periods of relative calm and well-being will change with conflict and tense situations. We can say that the entire year the mood of the hostess of the year will vary, depending on your behavior: it gives a great feel and good stability in the material sphere, it will suit different kinds of quarrels and conflicts, both in family and at work.

The year of the Dog Dragon

For representatives of this fire sign 2018 will be the most stable and peaceful period. If the Dragons feel that luck and success is fully on their side, you need to prepare for sudden and unexpected fall. A lot of Dragons in the first half of the year can start to complain of destiny, blaming the Dog in an unfair and biased attitude to yourself. But only they will be able to change the order of events.

The year of the Dog for a Tiger

The reign of Dogs for the Tigers will be challenging that requires a lot of energy. In 2018 the Tigers will continue with his amazing sense of purpose step by step approach to ensure that have identified themselves as the main aim in the last year. The world is ruled by a Dog, you will see a lot of new development directions, but follow them you will not risk. The hostess of this year are very like the abandonment of passion, because the Dog itself cares about the ultimate simplicity and other guides only go on a straight path. Exactly what will your way of life.

The year of the Dog for the Bull

In 2018, the Bulls will be able to show their talents and abilities, and earth Dog will help solve the problems. The stubborn Cows does not hold, and in the year of the Dog, you will overcome any obstacle. But here the horns, you do not need competitors naritakute from one of your view and scammers are ready to sink into the ground from shame. Many Bulls will want something new- nothing to be ashamed of, because you’ve been wearing a mask nepreryvnykh and inflexible guys, and you can fly, if you really want.

The year of the Dog for Rats

In 2018, the Rat will forget about problems – good Dog wouldn’t hurt anyone. But use charm to gain nice Rats don’t need yellow mistress likes it to be honest. At least, to charm superiors and partners preferably with professional talents, and beautiful eyes will be Rats elsewhere. Abilities you have sea – and the case open, it would wish and mood.