Thefts of strollers in the neighborhood Rosemont: man arrested

News 9 March, 2018
  • Frederique Giguere

    Friday, 9 march 2018 10:12

    Friday, 9 march 2018 10:12

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    A man suspected to be the thief of strollers of Rosemont, was arrested yesterday by the police of Montreal.

    “I’m really happy that it ends like that, it is not without consequence”, was launched Sebastien Mignault, the father of the family who had improvised detective two weeks ago to hunt down the one who had captured her stroller.

    According to our information, the alleged burglar in the series is René Arseneault, a 42-year-old. After you have been interviewed by investigators, he was released with a promise to appear in court. Until now, the authorities would have been able to relate it to three folders.

    Arseneault has already dealt with the justice in the past, including stories of possession of marijuana and assault with a weapon. It was also sent behind bars in 1997 for a theft of more than $ 5000 in addition to the possession of tools of burglary.

    This time, allegations of theft, break and enter and possession of property obtained by crime are likely to be filed against him.

    Last week, The Newspaper had found dozens of testimonials on the social networks of parents who alleged being robbed of their stroller while they were in the common areas of their apartment building or even in their locked vehicle.

    Furious from being rob her of her stroller valued at $ 600, Sebastien Mignault, for its part, decided to go further than a mere posting on Facebook.

    The day after the flight, his wife was surprised to find their stroller, announced at a fraction of the price, on the site of classifieds Kijii.

    Mr. Mignault, therefore, is a potential buyer and has made an appointment for the thief to confront him. A friend who accompanied him has assured to take photos of the bandit to send to the police. Everything indicates that René Arseneault is the man to whom the father of the family has been given an appointment two weeks ago near the metro Joliette.

    In the eyes of the entrepreneur 41-year-old, it was his little boy that the burglar brimait in making such a move.

    “This is not me nor my girlfriend that it was stolen, this is my son. It is their means of transportation. It is foolish to think that someone may steal it to be as harmless,” he confided last week.