These rules will prolong the life of the new gadget

Techno 7 December, 2017

2017-12-07 13:31

These rules will prolong the life of the new gadget
If you follow these rules, your new smartphone, tablet or laptop will serve long and reliably

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If you follow these rules, your new smartphone, tablet or laptop will serve long and reliably, reports Rus.Media.

1. Properly charge the device

If your device has a built-in battery, it will likely start to wear out one of the first. there are several things that can extend the battery life of any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Do not hold the device in conditions of high or low temperature. if you notice that the smartphone is very hot, let it cool, otherwise the battery performance can fall sharply.

Most manufacturers and experts advises not to charge the device for a long time and do not leave it connected to the mains for a long time, for example overnight. Also, do not bring the case to a full discharge.

If you know that in the near future, a gadget nobody will use it, charge it to 50% and unplug before putting on the shelf.

2. Don’t forget to update

Install all updates that become available, even if you don’t like the features they add. Software updates for desktop and mobile platforms as well as applications usually fix a lot of bugs, improve stability and security.

Today you should try to smartphone, computer or even a TV does not update itself. But there are devices, updates for which you need to manually check on the manufacturer’s website, such as routers. The installation instructions usually can be found in the same place where you download the files.

The only case in which update is better not to install is if your smartphone more than three years. So the device will likely begin to slow down. But if you know that the update addresses a serious problem, it is better still to download.

3. Save memory

Out of memory on a computer or smartphone can cause a number of problems. Therefore, immediately decide how you are going to save space.

Can greatly help cloud services like OneDrive on Windows iCloud on macOS and iOS, Google Drive, Dropbox. Each of them allows you to store files in the cloud, if necessary, by downloading them to your device. However, the most important documents should be copied somewhere else, e.g. on an external hard drive.

Also in every major operating system has built-in space saving. On Windows, go to “Settings” then “System” on the left, click “Storage” and enable “Control memory”. On macOS, select “About this Mac” from the Apple menu, click Storage, and then “Manage”.

In the Android system settings under “Storage and USB drives” and “Drives.” There you can clear the cache of programs and remove unnecessary files. On iOS through the settings, select your Apple ID, iCloud, find and click “Manage storage”.

4. Protect your gadget from dirt and bumps

If you have never cleaned your device, now is the time to train yourself. This will help extend the life of the gadget, especially large ones, such as notebook, which is full of entrances and other openings.

Keep at home a piece of lint-free cloth, alcohol or purified water — in any case, do not use water. Through all this the surface clean. Also buy a can of compressed air. It is useful for cleaning the internal elements. The laptop will be nicer to use, besides it will work a little longer.

Another pick for the device case or bag to protect it from drops and moisture.