They are called aunts. Contempt and sometimes with regret

Techno 6 March, 2018

2018-03-06 23:26

They are called aunts. Contempt and sometimes with regret
This may seem strange, but it is these women we often underestimate.

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They are called aunts. Contempt and sometimes with regret.

Pay attention to not always just rests on the lip lipstick, tired, like a gray face. Balls and bags that do not fit to big or too skinny lap.

They get on the subway as soon as the opportunity arises, and fall asleep as soon as the train starts to move. Young beauties think to myself: “not to be aunt.”

And they, the aunt, don’t think so. They live, work, work and work. They bloom a thankful smile when someone gives way. They can reprimand the bully, when the men sat with downcast eyes, as if they do not care about the scandal erupted.

They will rise first, if the car will go pregnant and invited her to sit with care, which can draw on a loved one.

They are called aunts. They are different. Local doctors and just different doctors from district clinics. Social workers. Tired teacher (who is also contemptuously called the teacher). The sellers and workers of factories.

They can advise a young mother how to calm the child, and run into irritation and anger.

They have work-worn hands with protruding veins and even varicose veins. And they are not worried – they take their life that it is.

They sometimes look in my book or tablet, and I see them start to read with me. Then I try to scroll slower so they have time to read.

They can go home to her husband and children who grew up, and sometimes go to an empty apartment. They become to the plate, cook dinner, feed family, clean. Lay the linen in the washing machine and sit down to the TV to rest and fall asleep in a few minutes, because I have an early morning.

You know, if you look into their eyes with love, you see those young and beautiful girls they once were. They chose a profession, got or not got married, gave birth or not given birth to children. They’re hard-working.

They put their heart and soul into a job and a family and sometimes the shower is not enough to communicate in addition to these two points of life. They want their family was happy. At your workplace, school or clinic, they develop.

They are burning my eyes. Instead of aunt – a professional. However, it is not strong enough. And all of them are missing and not missing: they’re still trying, but alas. Responsibilities more and more, and they can’t throw off no one.

They can’t rest. And even shy. I hesitate to admit that they are tired. They don’t say: “I need a vacation, I want to take a breath”. They can only modestly say “Maybe the cottage for a day to get out.”

They will bring lunch to work and share it with those around. They genuinely will worry in case of any problems in your life. They are hoping that you have a husband and children – not because it is supposed to, but because I really want you to be happy.

They can begin to grumble and even scream out of nowhere. They were tired, and the aggression and anger for so long accumulated.

But when they smile in response to the cry of outrage thank you and please forgive me, they suddenly blossom.

You know, they didn’t want to become aunts. They worked a lot and work. They ran a marathon and continue to run. They didn’t read clever articles about how to cope with stress, so eat cakes and joking that “a good man should be plenty.”

They know a lot about cakes and how to bake. Of course, they are happy to buy their cakes. And homemade pickles. And if you go to their home, it is unlikely you will leave without a gift. In their hearts “it is better to give than to take”, although they may not know these words.

Sometimes I look at them on the subway – tired, like Posli from the eternal marathon, and it seems to me that nothing is not happy. But here comes a smiling baby and an aunt first will offer the mother to put it in its place. Or, seeing that I bend from the weight of the bags, suddenly offered: “Put me on my knees, still it will be easier”.

They know how to smile, you know. They know how to laugh as do not know how to laugh we are young. They appreciate life and try not to complain. I love them, these aunts. Very much in our world rests on them.