Things in your home that spoil the mood

Techno 22 January, 2018

2018-01-22 15:18

Things in your home that spoil the mood
Next time will go in any room in the house, note how you feel. You like the atmosphere that surrounds you? You nice and quiet or something is bothering and annoying? If the latter, read what kind of things can ruin the mood more often than others in the opinion of experts. Some we’d never thought of that.

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Family heirlooms and gifts

Of course, once the grandmother or aunt gave you this statue or service, with the best intentions and from the heart, but this does not mean that you have to store these things as the Apple of your eye in plain view. According to psychologists, most people are embarrassed to get rid of family heirlooms, and continue to keep them from year to year, even if they do they don’t like. As a result, these things put pressure on us, taking up space in cupboards and on shelves and not allowing them to arrange everything the way we like.


It’s not just a few toys on the floor and on the bed, it’s a whole avalanche of toys, crafts and children’s drawings, and all stationery stuff, which literally fills the whole house. Very often a large number of toys brings parents themselves, causes irritability and anxiety, reinforcing the feeling that things are getting out of control and you feel helpless.

The books you never read

Books inspire us, evoke strong emotions that influence the character and Outlook, and at times remembered for a lifetime. We try to keep the most favorite, the ones that somehow we are influenced by and have been associated with important moments in life. But this does not mean that you need to keep all. If the book you didn’t like it, it can cause negative emotions when you bump into her eyes.


If, coming home, you immediately reach for the remote and start switching channels, it’s not a good habit. Keep in mind that constantly works (background) the TV generates additional noise, which increases stress and slows down the process of performing everyday household chores.

Things from our childhood

You may never be able to throw away her favorite doll or Teddy bear, but the toys of childhood also carry the emotional load. Once you look at a favorite Teddy bear, you will understand that it doesn’t cause such feelings as before, and you have to admit that you yourself has already changed, have ceased to be children, and maybe have time to grow old. Agree, not very happy thoughts.


Too many mirrors in the house leads to anxiety and stress, so the researchers from the Institute of psychiatry in London. The man who too often sees in the mirror his reflection and looking at myself experiencing more anxiety and complexes about their appearance. Of course, we do not offer you to remove all mirrors from the apartment, but the mirror in the hallway and in the bathroom it is enough to apply.

Collections that no longer bring joy

Once a favorite collection of cups, fridge magnets or bells from all over the world can become burdensome and annoying, if you don’t collect. But sometimes these collections become the memories of the loved one, which is associated with happy moments in life.
And if you find it difficult to part with these things, leave one and remove the rest.

Unmade bed

If you do not consider it necessary to remove the bed in the morning, you will be surprised how negatively it can affect your life. It is believed that if a person is not able to be organized in small things, he will not be able to make important decisions. Organization is a key component to eliminate the hassle and stress. Besides removed the bed in the bedroom is crucial when it comes to feelings of comfort and peace.

Unused materials for a hobby

Abandoned and unfinished projects and a lot of unused materials only occupy space. Sometimes you just know, if you want, you would be much easier to collect new materials for the hobby than to return to the project, abandoned once. But still you have a closet full of wool, which continues unabated for years, and every time you see her, you feel guilty for being so spent a lot of money and just never used.

Heavy curtains

Thick velvet curtains plunging the living room into semi-darkness, and almost immediately collected all the dust in your home. As a rule, the heavier the furniture and the window drape, the heavier the atmosphere in the house. Exceptions of course happen, and sometimes the space requires a lush, heavy fabrics, but in most cases, in a room with lighter shades and airy fabrics, and you will feel light and airy.

Wrong color

It has long been proven that color affects a person’s mood. We know that red, orange and fiery shades active and stimulating, blue and green – relaxes and gray and beige are considered neutral. But it is also important to take into account their emotions and associations. If, for example, you can not stand the red color, there is no need to succumb to fashion trends and to paint the walls a favorite color.

Broken items

Every time you open a cupboard, you bump into a cracked Cup. Here it is: your old precious bowl that you never dare to throw away. Yes, we are afraid that we just may not be enough. In fact, this fear of poverty and poverty it generates. And broken items create negative energy in our lives.

Open shelves

They look very cute and take up little space, but try them not to get involved. Open shelves to create a mess, because we always strive to put on something else. As a result, they look overloaded, creating anxiety and increasing stress.

Decorative trays

If you use them correctly, they are great additions to decor and arrange things nicely. Only most trays turn into a basket for various kinds of debris, which while still is in some prominent position. For example, on the coffee table in the center of the room.

Branded goods

As well as mugs and signs with funny slogans eventually begin to annoy and irritate. Things need to get rid of without regret.