Things that cannot be stored in the bedroom

Techno 7 March, 2018

2018-03-07 10:27

Things that cannot be stored in the bedroom
Correctly arranged furniture in the house is not a guarantee of comfort and convenience.

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In addition, a private dwelling must be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. And to make it possible, in some rooms, for example, in the bedroom, there are separate requirements, reports Rus.Media.

What things should simply be eliminated from the list, or to move to other parts of the apartment?

According to experienced interior designers, under the taboos fall:

a lot of shelves (despite functionality, the sleep room is a place to store lots of parts, books and other things in the bedroom to anything, so it’s best to move them to other rooms);

photo albums (if multiple images in the frame will decorate the room, the whole family archive is unnecessary, and according to Feng Shui, they bring negative energy in the bedroom);

the mirror (even with the vanities need to be careful and in any case not to place it opposite the bed, and is better positioned in side to not be reflected in the mirror immediately after waking up);

water design (decorative fountains and aquariums are also recommended to find a place papse, since this addition does not affect the health of the owner, but runs the risk of way);

plants (especially their excess in quantity and proximity to flowers, such compositions belong in the living room or kitchen, besides to turn a bedroom into a greenhouse is considered to be tasteless);

electrics (lights and charger for mobile phone – the minimum set required, and the presence of other devices in large numbers can greatly affect the health of residents);

sharp corners (and their other forms – drawings, furniture, decoration ceiling or wall – so aggressive filing can negatively affect your mood, much more effective to use in the interior of the now fashionable smooth lines).

The above advice is only General comments, not strict rules. If you doubt your choice, it is better to consult a professional who will help to restore or recreate from scratch the bedroom. Remember that the place must look beautiful, give a sense of peace and be background only for positive emotions.