This Amazon bot designs the worst hulls for your smartphone!

Techno 18 July, 2017

Want to change the shell of your smartphone? On Amazon, a bot enjoys designing shells that are out of the ordinary … The catch is that they are really hassle. You are still offered to take a look, it is worth the detour.

The Nokia 8 may come out sooner than expected! New flagship in hand, new hull! But today, all the shells look alike … All? Almost all. For a few days now, my-handy-design, a merchant-robot on Amazon that has completely derailed, designs hulls that for the shot, come outright of the lot! On the other hand, we prefer to warn you, their visuals are more than doubtful: a guy who uses a torso as a cutting board, a woman having her epilepsy hair removed, an old lady taking her ventoline, yellowed nails By a mycosis, photos a little too daring, injection of botox … There is for “all tastes”!

Generated automatically from a bank of free images of right, these shells really have enough to make freak! We do not know where they’re coming from, but it feels like they’re wickedly trolling. One might even think of a joke of very bad taste, especially when one of them comes up in our suggestion. But these hulls are really going on sale and internet users have even paid for! So, what more chelou? Propose hulls of very bad taste or want to get one? You are left to meditate on this. And to recover from your emotions, we propose you to discover these stylish shells for that will dress your iPhone 7 Plus with style this summer!