This fiasco: Apple confirmed the largest-ever leak

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 14:27

This fiasco: Apple confirmed the largest-ever leak
The company is going through hard times.

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Apple confirmed the authenticity of the source code of the bootloader iBoot, reports Rus.Media. It is reported by CNET, citing a company representative.

“Old source code three years ago has indeed escaped, — said the Apple. But the security of our products depends on maintaining the code. There are many levels of protection built into our products, so we urge users to install a new version of the system to improve security.”

Despite this, the lawyers who act on behalf of Apple, is still required to remove the source code from GitHub. They indicate that published materials are the property of the company and are subject to the law on the protection of copyright.

Earlier in February, anonymous has posted on GitHub the source code of loader iBoot, which is responsible for the boot process of the iOS. Due to the lack of some files, this code also will not be able to collect, but it does not prevent to study the source code to find security vulnerabilities. Probably this leak will also allow you to emulate iOS on other devices. The author of a series of books about operating systems Apple Mac OS X and iOS Jonathan Levine (Jonathan Levin) stated that this is the biggest leak in the history of iPhone.