This is a cool country houses: ideas for inspiration (photos)

Techno 14 December, 2017

2017-03-12 22:05

This is a cool country houses: ideas for inspiration (photos)
Size doesn’t matter! Even on the smallest suburban plot, you can always allocate space for a cozy, albeit a small house.

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We have prepared a selection of 20 bright ideas for such buildings

If you want a weekend to relax from the city fuss and to feel the connection with nature, better than a country cottage house in the world place to find. But if your small house or you’re planning to build without a special scope, something to solve these issues we have prepared an interesting and inspiring ideas that you can adopt, reports Rus.Media.

Giving you can do what you did not dare make at home. So do not hesitate a bright and colorful design even for small house. At 24 square meters and the spacious veranda here has a fun and joyful atmosphere, and the interior is filled with yellow and red shades.

As they say, with the sweet heaven in a tent, but few people really dare to do his country house in style a La the hut. Interesting, memorable and magical view of this small building, certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, the space under the roof is perfect to store many necessary and unnecessary items.

There is an old, exhausted their resource road trailer? Then only three months of work (that is how much conversion took the couple in the photo) — and your “friend” will finally be a full house of 20 squares with all the amenities, and will serve faithfully for a long time.

All fans of primer just for those who love tiny homes, submitted a house in the shape of the letter A. Despite its small size (only 6 square meters, and with a raised wall — 9) are placed two beds — they are the shelves, and a kitchen sink and a mini fridge. Should such a miracle 1 200 dollars and installed in one day.

If you decide to completely merge with nature, then 19 square meters of happiness from natural materials, like cedar, can help you with this. The more looks like a wooden house amazing.

Not ready to part with their house on wheels ? Then just bring it with you on a summer season, and then take it back. Very convenient and comfortable option for all seasons, and most importantly, do not be afraid that in the winter someone broke in to the country.

The country house does not mean a dark enclosed space with hoes and hoe. Do not forget that in the country there must be enough light, and then do as many window openings.

Lovers of unusual and original, no doubt, be glad of the exterior of the building. And no matter what the house looks like a huge matchbox or wooden wagon, more importantly, what’s inside is incredibly comfortable and stylish, and guests will never confuse it with the next.

Don’t like too pretentious building, then there is no need to think of something. Beautiful classic house become a real decoration of any area, and if the cool evening to kindle fire, you can comfortably spend a magical evening with the whole family.

To stand out among other, not necessarily to build houses of complex shapes and painted in bright colors. Enough to create contrast in the exterior of the building, which is a very reasonable solution, and looks elegant.

If you have a white house, a little to spice it up, do not have to run for paint. Just put the supports or hang it on the net where you can get climbing plants, which will envelop the cabin greens.

Little wood, but lots of glass? Then this option is ideal for you could not be more helpful, and the space will always be filled with light, even moonlight. But from the point of view of security should rely on the prestige of the area and the approximate behavior of the neighbors.

I’m afraid to build a child’s tree house, with whom the Tomboy can fly down? Then divide the children’s area in the attic, which will become a perfect place where you can play, and sleep.

No, it’s not country house, a spy or a fugitive from the aliens is a clear example of organic architecture. So if you want to surprise your guests and neighbors the unique design, and also wish your house disappeared among the surrounding nature — start to stock up on mirrors.

Who said that a house with a flat roof may not be beautiful and comfortable? To avoid the lengthy process of construction, and other inconveniences, it is enough to handle the old trailer new content and add some Windows.

Beautiful brick color still does not mean that everything inside is also bright and colorful. The main thing — not what is outside and what is inside. So while all wonder how extravagant the situation near your home, you will enjoy the warmth and comfort of wonderful wooden interior.

When there is not enough space and money, you should follow the best traditions of minimalism. And only then, even in the smallest space you can place to rest and work in the country.

It is important to care not only about the internal lighting of a country house, but also on the external illumination. This will be especially true if you like to go out in the evening to sit out on the veranda, absorbing the collected the day of the fruit harvest.

Whichever choice you make, it should be remembered that the country we come primarily to enjoy the environment, not to sit in the house. And for the few clothes and tools, even a small shack will suffice, the main thing — to add a bit of comfort.