Three good reasons why you should drink coffee

Techno 21 December, 2017

2017-12-21 10:27

Three good reasons why you should drink coffee
If you haven’t cooked a delicious Cup of coffee for Breakfast, then here are three reasons to do it now!

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Someone who likes to drink tea in the morning, someone starts the day with water with lemon, and someone with coffee, reports Rus.Media. It fans of the latest flavored drink have some good advantages over others. Of course, Breakfast should not consist only of Americano with or without milk! Definitely first of all it is necessary to eat, and then enjoy a Cup of coffee. That’s why we should not abandon him:

Stimulates the brain

That day was the most productive in the morning needs to be filled with energy! What you got out of bed, does not mean that you woke up. It coffee not only allows you to perk up, but also stimulates the brain. American scientists have even proven that the morning beverage is able to strengthen memory after regular use.

Reduces the risks of getting sick

Coffee reduces risk of stroke by 8% and heart attack by 7%

Coffee reduces risk of stroke by 8% and heart attack by 7%. In this way, reducing the likelihood of premature death. Also coffee has a lot of antioxidants, increasing the activity and reducing the likelihood of obesity. The researchers even believe that a Cup of aromatic beverage can replace the Smoking!

Healthy bodies

Coffee protects the liver

Italian researchers from the University of Catania assured that regular consumption of coffee is a simple and effective method to improve the liver. It turned out that the caffeine and the chlorogenic acid, which is drink, suppress the appearance of fat cells, protect the liver from stress and inflammation.