Three Ukrainian startups received the status of best in the world

Techno 1 February, 2018

2018-02-01 10:55

Three Ukrainian startups received the status of best in the world
Seven Ukrainian startups that were nominated for the prestigious Golden Kitty Awards, three winners

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Product Hunt is one of the most popular sites about startups. It allows each user to post their products on the website and gives other users the opportunity to comment on the project and to vote for him. Each year the site holds a Golden Kitty Awards, determining the best startups in 16 nominations. This year the Ukrainians were nominated 7 times, reports Rus.Media.

The first award was given to the project Setapp that allows users to save on the macOS applications. He won in the nomination “Product of the year by consumers.”

The second award was given to PatentBot in category “Boat of the year”. The draft simplifies the procedure of trademark registration for Ukrainian business.

However, the winner of the contest has become a popular application Petcube Bites. It allows the user to give food to your pet remotely, or simply to distribute portions after equal intervals of time. Also the service allows you to video call your pet and keep the clip on the answering machine. We contrast to conventional cameras, Petcube is unique in that allows a pet to start the interaction. It is therefore not surprising that Petcube Bites got the victory in the nomination “the strangest product of the year”.

The app has overtaken the project of Elon The Boring Company, proposes to develop underground tunnels to reduce congestion.