Time and things: an incredible transformation

Techno 6 February, 2018

2018-02-06 11:23

Time and things: an incredible transformation
These pictures will show you how much time changes things

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Time changes the appearance of everything we can see: people, buildings, cars, plants — all with the years starts to look very different, reports Rus.Media. Some things are worn only a few decades, which is only a couple of months, but no one remains untouched by time. Before you 20 pictures that will visually show you how much time changes objects that surround us. ICH power is really impressive!

1. My brother was born in 1985 when my mother bought two identical bears. One brother, the other his first nibutani child. The first was my brother 30 years, and second all this time, waiting in the wings in the closet

2. The building before and after cleaning under pressure

3. This monk 20 years praying, standing on one and the same place

4. Life cycle of coins

5. Gender in the Bank fell in those places where there were people

6. Layer ads, gained over several years

7. 28 years driving a delivery service

8. Badge with information about vaccinations in 13 years

9. This silver coin was in the pocket of my grandfather from 1952

10. Now this button is similar to the portrait of the Victorian era

11. That line on the grass burning sunlight reflected from the canopy of the lantern

12. The steps leading to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa

13. The mark on the door left of the call

14. Floor near the bar rubbed to the first layer, laid in 1924

15. My parents removed the carpet that has been here for 16 years

16. The trail from the demolished house that stood

17. The bottom of mug for many years stirred the tea

18. Stairs worn by pedestrians

19. The pen, which was taken 15 years

20. Once it was stone steps