Timofeev day: folk omens 4 February 2018

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 19:39

Timofeev day: folk omens 4 February 2018
If the frost “misted” glass is warming; if the glass run patterns — cold will last for a long time

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Folk festival “Timofeev day” celebrated on February 4 (old style – January 22). In the Orthodox calendar is the day of memory of Apostle from 70-ti Timothy Bishop. And

other names of the holiday: “Timothy”, “Timothy-Pausini”, “Timofeevskaya frost”.

Timothy was a native of the city of Lystra (Asia Minor). He was the favorite pupil of the Apostle Paul, companion and colleague in the sermons. Paul appointed him Bishop of the Church in Ephesus. Timothy in this position, he served for 15 years. During the next pagan festival he tried to warn the people, preaching to them the Word of God, but idolaters cruelly scored Timothy stones. The Holy Apostle was martyred at the age of 80 years.

Its popular nickname for Timothy was for the fact that memorial day was considered the middle of winter. “Timothy knocks the horn of winter” – so said our ancestors. Despite the fact that half the winter time remained behind, it should not relax. It is no accident that in honor of this Saint in Russia invented a special concept — Timofeevskaya frost.

It was thought that with Timofeev, the day began the most brutal blizzards and snowstorms. About the frost piled sayings, such as, “Timofeevskaya frost Polsky with a claimed”; “Athanasius-frost freezes the nose, and you wait – Timothy rains”. With them was associated a few signs: if in the cold “misted” glass is warming; if the glass run patterns — cold will last for a long time.

Also looking at the sky if the sun is visible — then spring will come early. But the snowfall on Timothy promised a good harvest of grain. Beekeepers in this day watched the bees — or rather, listened to the sounds from the omshanik.

If buzzing insects barely audible — it meant that all was well; but if the buzz was hectic — what with bee family is not okay.

In this day as in other days-“palusinski”, checking the bins. It is important to of grains, vegetables and livestock feed enough until the next harvest.

If the owners saw that the inventory is scarce, had to save. On this occasion, said, “By the spring of the heavier man — bread on the bottom of the barrel shoal”.

But the girls-needlewomen in the day for fun, riding with slides on the Donets, which spun flax and wool. While looking: who is next ride — the one in the economy and would grow the flax.