Tips curvy women – how not to be shy during sex

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 14:27

Tips curvy women – how not to be shy during sex
Overweight is not a sentence to stop having sex. Read more on Ivona on rules, allowing you to get pleasure from sexual touching with lush forms.

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So, there are five rules for sex with excessive weight.

1. Don’t hesitate my body. Relax – if you during foreplay will think about the folds on the stomach, the pleasure will not get neither you nor your partner.

2. Remember that your appearance people like you treat yourself. A man who loves and respects himself, his eyes Shine in a special way. Just remind yourself that you are beautiful.

3. Find the zest to their appearance. So, you can have full hips, but what beautiful skin, soft hands and seductive Breasts. And in the time of sexual foreplay remember that, and not about the mismatch of the model standards.

4. Remember that excess weight and plasticity of a body – compatible things. The better the rhythm and you move in bed, the more chances to convince my husband that you are – that’s all he needed for happiness, even if your weight is far from ideal.

5. Last and most importantly – trust your partner. If you are too uncomfortable in bed because of your weight, be sure to tell your husband, just think not long and not bring a partner to this sorry state. Frankly, better joking about the problem, and then there is a great likelihood that you can easily and with humor together would solve it.